Special Offer: 25% off Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks!
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Special Offer: 25% off Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks!

Strong, powerful, energetic, fit! Obtain all these benefits by adding DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drink to your daily routine! Thousands of Americans have tried it and they absolutely love it! No other energy drink will give you all the incredible benefits of this refreshing beverage, because Dark Dog Organic is THE Organic Energy Drink!dded

Packed with 100% Vitamin C and 6 essential B Vitamins, DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drink goes beyond the concept of “energy drink” as we know it. Certified organic ingredients, such as yerba mate, green tea, Mursalski tea, guarana and natural caffeine, add the powerful energy to these drinks.

Carefully chosen organic wholesome ingredients including blood orange, black carrots, acerola fruit, rosehip, ginger, lemons, and elderberries, guarantee a certified organic energy drink with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  certificates

But DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drinks are not like any other regular “organic” energy drinks; they are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified! Furthermore, these energy drinks are free of sodium and other harmful chemicals such as taurine, tyrosine, inositol and glucuronolactone.


To satisfy all different taste buds, DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drinks comes in 3 flavors. All flavors are sweetened by raw and unprocessed organic cane sugar and organic coconut sugar.

  • DARK DOG ORGANIC Original: Its authentic energy drink flavor is based on organic Mursalski tea and organic ginger.


  • DARK DOG ORGANIC Blood Orange: A completely new flavor that is based on 25% organic blood orange juice, and organic lemon juice – both from sunny Sicily, Italy.


  • DARK DOG ORGANIC 50 Calories: A delicious low-calorie energy drink that derives its energy from 3 sources: organic green tea, organic yerba mate, and organic guarana.


Save 25% off  Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks! 

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 To read more about DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drinks, their mission, and commitment, visit: www.darkdog-organic.com


NOTE: The FDA has not evaluated Statements made in this article. DARK DOG ORGANIC products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. DARK DOG ORGANIC does not assume any responsibility for any variation in data that may occur due to external factors that are beyond the control of DARK DOG ORGANIC.


*This is a sponsored post by DARK DOG ORGANIC for the Homefront United Network.*


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