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BrickSwag for LEGO Fans!

brickswag-fb-adI don’t know about your kids, but both of mine are addicted to LEGO’s. Just in time for the holidays, I am getting them both signed up for BrickSwag!

BrickSwag for LEGO Fans!

The HUN is extremely excited to be working with BrickSwag this month!

BrickSwag is the #1 membership for LEGO fans. Each month includes official LEGO kits to build and keep, exclusive t-shirt, Build magazine, Funky Fig trading cards, and more surprises.

The mission of BrickSwag is to Inspire, Educate, and Entertain with LEGO bricks.

HUN readers will receive 20% Off their BrickSwag subscription with this exclusive promo code: FAM20

Just click here to visit this special offer, HURRY – OFFER EXPIRES: 11/20/2015!




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