Achieving Financial Freedom In The Fall
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Achieving Financial Freedom In The Fall

Photo by Mandy Baker
Photo by Mandy Baker

Achieving Financial Freedom In The Fall… August is long gone! The leaves are turning and soon the country will be covered in a flaming blanket of vibrant reds, glowing orange and warm browns. It’s not boiling hot anymore, and the chill that you know is coming has yet to arrive. September means back to school, Labor Day weekend, the beginning of autumn and well… That also means that many retailers are offering great deals on just about everything, so that they can attract customers and make some money during their ‘quietest’ season.

So, here’s your guide to shopping in September:

First off, search for coupons. During the month of September you’ll be able to find coupon codes, savings, promotions and discounts from just about every store you might want to shop at and on just about every single product you could dream of owning. You can visit sites like or Discountrue and find 10% off Target promo codes on a variety of products, or just visit your favorite stores online and see what coupons they have on offer.

If you’re planning on buying a car, then there are two reasons why September is one of the best months to do this. First, new models from your favorite brands will be hitting the lots so last year’s vehicles will be dropping in price. There will also be a lot of trade-ins because many people will want to own the latest and greatest in cars. Second, the sales people at car dealerships will be doing everything in their power to make their third quarter targets so you’ll be able to take advantage of that and wangle a better deal on your purchase.

Major appliance manufacturers are also releasing their newest models of everything except refrigerators in September. Stores around the country will be getting rid of old stock and making room for new. So, if you’ve been waiting for a clearance sale to get that new dishwasher, microwave or washing machine and dryer combo, then get ready because it’s coming to your home soon!

Save-Money-on-Food-Cheap-Recipe-BlogSchool started in late August and September, so wait as long as you can before buying your kids school supplies or any fall clothing. Anything that has been featured as part of ‘Back To School’ specials or promotions will make up clearance sales at the end of September and beginning of October so this is a great time to shop for office supplies and a lot of warmer casual wear.

You may have noticed that there are a number of peak jewelry seasons such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. During these seasons, there are a whole lot of jewelry ‘specials’ but if you pay close attention you’ll notice that prices have been steadily increasing in the weeks and months before. However, there are no major jewelry ‘events’ happening in September so jewelers are for more likely to come down in price.

And there are, of course, all those end of summer clearance sales for you to take advantage of. Don’t worry that what you’re buying won’t be the latest fashion by the time you get to wear or use it, because paying next to nothing for something is always worthwhile! There may not be too wide a selection of those items you’ve had your eye on but clearance sales always equal massive savings. And you never know what you may find so it’s worth digging through any bins and racks marked Clearance or End of Season.

So, there you have it, multiple ways to save serious money while temperatures drop, routines go back to normal and everyone starts counting down the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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