4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Home

4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Home

redecoratingIf you’ve ever owned or rented a home, then you’re probably familiar with the impulse to give your surroundings a fresh look by redecorating. Modifying your living space can be an exciting and even therapeutic experience, but before you empty your wallet on needless décor, keep in mind that there are some easy, eco-friendly approaches to interior design.

Few regions exemplify the limitless potential of “green” decorating as well as southern California. Step one foot into any San Diego property, and you’re sure to find a few classy ways to rejuvenate your home without wasting energy.

Here are four ways to reinvent your interior design in an environmentally conscious way:

4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Home
1. Convert a Wine Bottle into an Incense Holder

That bottle of red or white wine may have been a much-needed guilty pleasure on your night off, but the glass is still good for a second use. While recycling is an admirable option, you can turn that bottle into a tasteful centerpiece with the help of a glass cutter.

You can take this project a step further by converting the bottle into an incense holder. Simply cut a hole in two opposite sides of the glass. You can slip the incense through a key-ring, and place it directly on top of the bottle. The incense hangs down into the bottle, and the soothing smoke will release through the holes.

2. Ditch the Couch, Keep the Pillows

Depending on how often you use your couch, there may come a time when the backing and seating have seen their final days. Couch damage is particularly common for people who move frequently. But just because you have to throw away your couch doesn’t mean the pillows can’t be salvaged.

You can cut down on waste by finding creative ways to conserve pillows. If they’re firm and large, then couch pillows are great for floor naps, extra seats and slumber parties. Pillows also take up less room on a moving truck and are easier to carry than entire sofas, which may lower the expenses if you intend to relocate.

3. Get Fancy with Photo Frames

According to Martha Stewart, photo frames can get expensive – especially for people who are photograph enthusiasts. One way to revamp the look of a living room is to arrange the photos into a shape.

Get out the hammer and nails, and set the frame structure into the shape of a clock, heart, zigzag or circle. You can make this an eco-friendly project by choosing frames that are composed of recycled materials.

4. Clean Up

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaner can magically make a room look brighter. The same can be said for waxing floors or giving the curtains and blinds a good washing – but make sure you use “green” cleaners.

New furniture and an antique table may have a noticeable impact on your décor, but you can save money and help the environment with an eco-friendly approach to redecorating. These four steps can transform your home into a cozy living space without making wasteful decisions.


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