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Homeland Attacks: Do You Care?


I’m tired.

I’m so disheartened and heartbroken that I’m exhausted.

My country was attacked. My military was attacked.

YOUR country was attacked. YOUR military was attacked. Are you heartbroken? Are you exhausted? Are you angry?

I’m angry. 

I’m so very angry. 

A terrorist attacked your country. Your countrymen. Your national servants. They were attacked where they were most vulnerable. Where we know they are unarmed, unprotected, easy targets.

Our enemy knows that. It was smart, planned, calculated. They knew they would kill; they told us they would kill.  They gave fair warning.

I want this country to rise up. I want to hear anger. I want marches to happen on the street. I want banners to wave with their names. I want the flags to fly at half staff. I want a prime time address that stops your favorite programming. I want our president to stand tall, and strong, and powerful and condemn what is happening in this country. Not in a world an ocean away but in THIS country. In OUR borders. To OUR people. To the people who defend and honor this nation. 

I want you to stand up because I am tired. We’ve been standing for over a decade and I’m tired. I will kiss my husband goodbye in a month for nine months away and I’m tired. My children have only known war and I’m tired for them.

Homeland Attacks: Do You Care?…

Because we know terror and gut-wrenching sorrow. This was no shock to us. We knew it was coming. But it hurts to the point that I almost can’t feel anymore. Because as much as we knew it was coming, you didn’t. I’m exhausted because this nation doesn’t care. This nation had FIVE of our people killed. FIVE. Did you even know we lost a sailor? Did you know? Do you care?

This isn’t conservative or liberal. It isn’t black or white. It isn’t rich or poor. This was the heart of America. The heart. MY heart. 

And there is no outrage. There is no call for justice. The nation doesn’t mourn. We don’t crowd around our leader as he demands that we SAY THEIR NAMES.

I’m tired. I’m tired of holding the heart of a nation that doesn’t even break with us. I’m tired of seeing an evil and a danger and a threat that this country seems oblivious to.

I’m tired of being unheard. I’m tired of watching our service members push through and do so much for a nation that won’t even cry out at their deaths. That won’t remember their names.

WE will remember..

Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan

Marine Corps Sgt. Carson Holmquist

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Skip Wells

Marine Corps Staff Sergeant David Wyatt

U.S. Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith

Photo Courtesy of: USA Today
Photo Courtesy of: USA Today

3 thoughts on “Homeland Attacks: Do You Care?”

  1. I am angry and don't understand why we aren't outraged as a nation. Can we bombard our leaders with phone calls letters . What call every TV station and demand a moment of silence to remember.

  2. Don’t you find it a bit ironic at the end of this post it goes on to say. If you like this post read the rest of my blog ad ad ad. That’s the real problem in this country.

  3. I too am angry. Not only with the man who claims to be the leader of this great country but at the men and women who were elected to do the will of the PEOPLE. They are just as guilty as the man who sits in OUR white house. Until we the people do something about the people in congress we will continue this war.

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