Before You Ignite This 4th of July
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Before You Ignite This 4th of July

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The following is a tradition that many Americans follow before, during and after the 4th of July:

Middle to late June:  Purchase fireworks. (either at a roadside stand, in another state, or in a back alley)

July 1st – 3rd:  Randomly set off those fireworks at any time, day or night.

July 4th:

1. Wear something EXTREMELY patriotic.

2. Watch the parade.

3. Shake hands with and say “THANK YOU” to anyone wearing a uniform.

4. Drink beer while grilling and eating things.

5. Watch the fireworks.

July 5th – 8th:  Randomly set off whatever fireworks are left.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?  It usually is, but we want our military personnel, their families and civilian friends to have the best 4th of July holiday they possibly can, while being courteous of others.

Before You Ignite This 4th of July…

  • If you’re going to set off fireworks in your backyard, SCHEDULE A SPECIFIC TIME, and make any military families in your neighborhood aware of what you’re planning to do.

(FYI, loud noises and flashes of light can cause some military types to think they’re getting bombed and/or shot at. They’ll hit the deck while reaching for non-existent guns, helmets and Kevlar vests. Don’t judge them. They’ve been hardwired this way to protect you. Advanced warning gives them the option of leaving the neighborhood while your brilliant display of bottle rockets, whistlers, and sparklers are “bursting in air.”  It might even help them avoid a debilitating exacerbation if they’re suffering from any kind of post traumatic stress condition.)

  • If you’re going to shake hands and thank someone for their service…truly mean it. They’ve done what they’ve done, and will continue to do what they do so that we can continue to celebrate the Fourth of July any way choose.

Today, and every day after, give our service members the respect they’ve always given us.

Please share this to help your civilian friends better understand how difficult the 4th of July can be for our service members.



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