Work from Home Chronicles: The Balancing Act
Work From Home

Work from Home Chronicles: The Balancing Act


Did you know that 80 percent of workers feel stressed during the workday? Where does this leave us that work from home? Here’s the thing, we aren’t exempt. If anything, I would say the stress level goes up just a tad higher then working out of the home. Why? At least for me, because I work for myself and have various clients and projects – I can never leave my work at the office.

Work from Home Chronicles: The Balancing Act…

My offiWAH - Working in Carce is in my home, and sometimes my bed, kitchen, laundry room and car. Yes car! Because deadlines don’t care that your kid has karate, and you have to work at any possible moment that you get, even if it means writing in the parking lot of your sons dojo.

A few years ago if I would have taken a glimpse into what my work life has become, I probably would have stayed in Corporate America. I didn’t have the balance back then, I didn’t need it. Now the balancing act goes a little bit like this…

Be realistic, flexible, use your time wisely and give it a rest. I am realistic that everything I have planned for the day will most likely not happen with a 3 year old. I am flexible with my time, family comes first – but they also need to respect the working hours. When given the time to work, I use it wisely and don’t let anything distract me. I know when to stop and give it a rest, unless there is a deadline looming, I unplug and know how to balance the time between family and work. This last one took some time to get the hang of, and it has been the most important one of all. If I didn’t balance my time, I probably would have called it quits 5 years ago. 

I didn’t start working from home because I wanted to start a successful consulting business and make millions, I wanted to be here. Living and working at home, the purpose is for me to live. To embrace, notice and enjoy the everyday moments. 

This is my reality, my everyday work-from-home moments…

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