Why I Chose to Go Back to School Using MyCAA
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Why I Chose to Go Back to School Using MyCAA

Going Back to SchoolIf the government is handing out money for you to go back to school, why not take it?

I tell military spouses this each and every day when they ask me why I chose to use the MyCAA education funding program. The Department of Defense wants to help and make it as easy as possible for military spouses to go back to school, this includes making it simple and affordable.

Why I Chose to Go Back to School Using MyCAA

So I thought I would share my top 5 reasons I went back to school, using the MyCAA program:

1. So many career options…

I knew exactly what I wanted to go to school for, medical coding. This was something that I could easily do from home, and take with me as soon as my husband and I moved again. All options easily fits your lifestyle and interests. Potential careers include; healthcare fields like pharmacy technician, and medical transcription to animal services, construction, cosmetology, journalism, business and more.

2. MyCAA-approved schools are online…

Online programs are ideal for military spouses, because of the flexibility. It was a dream for me to be able to work, care for my children, then do my school work when I had the time. And the even better part, most of the courses can be completed in a few months. There are tons of schools that offer these flexible benefits, and various career programs, such as Martinsburg College.

3. Non-taxable funding…

Because MyCAA funding is a scholarship provided to military spouses, it is non-taxable. One of the greatest reasons to not be afraid to take the money!

4. Short waiting period…

Once you have made the choice on which program and career you wish to study, submit your MyCAA application! It doesn’t usually take more than 2 weeks to get approved. After you have been given approval, the funds are directly transferred to your school. This makes the process easier, and hassle-free for you.

5. Career counseling

As soon as you have completed training program, you have the option to obtain career counseling from specialists available through Military OneSource. I found this to be especially helpful, since these counselors can help you make the most of your education and give you tips and advice for your job search and career advancement.

So if you have been thinking about going back to school, why not give the MyCAA program a shot? I was hesitant because I read other people’s comments on the program, but am happy that I went with my gut and I can proudly say that after our last PCS, I still have a career and job that I love and take with me anywhere!

So if you are thinking about military friendly schools, one school you could consider is Martinsburg College. Why? Here are the top reasons:

  • 95% of the students that respond to their surveys expressed satisfaction with their experience.
  • When students do not complete their programs it is rarely because they are not satisfied with their experience. Typically their lives change, children, marital stress, health issues, interfere in unforeseen and uncontrollable ways.
  • Can’t finish your course? Students will receive a refund based on the amount of coursework completed (pro rata) through 50% of their program. This means if a student does only one course then they are charged for only one course.
  • Students attending Martinsburg College have access to a sophisticated learning management system (LMS) which provides an interactive and rich educational experience and makes it simple to progress logically through your program.
  • Textbooks are made available within the learning management system or students can choose to utilize a tablet which the college provides on loan for more comfortable and portable access. The college also provides a resource library of thousands of textbooks which are available online at no cost.
  • They have been working with the military community since 2004. They understand the needs of service members and their families and have adapted their institutional policies to ensure that they take into consideration the unique challenges faced by this student group.

Be sure to join Martingsburg College in their Facebook group, created so that military spouses can discuss and learn more about their MyCAA benefits. Join here!
Have you used the MyCAA benefits? What have you found to be helpful? Do you have any tips?


This was post was sponsored by the Quality Blue Community, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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