New MyCAA Programs for Military Spouses
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New MyCAA Programs for Military Spouses

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Being a Military spouse is full of challenges but help is available for those who wish to pursue an education. The MyCAA program assists military spouses in portable careers that can be learned online so no matter where your military life takes you can carry your training, and career with you.  The MyCAA program offers up to $4000 towards these programs.  The programs are self-paced and online so the training can be taken whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, which makes it ideal for spouses who have started a family.

Certificate Programs  

While there are many MyCAA programs available Certificate Programs are the quickest way to a career path since they can be completed in about six months.  A portable career is necessary due to the military life style but many certificate program careers can also be pursued from home which eliminates the need for daycare, commuting, and other expenses.  Look for a MyCAA program that is backed up by a Military Friendly University or College with assistance after program job completion.

  1.  Business and Professional Programs

Solid Microsoft Office skills are a must have as the foundation for any business career.  MS Office is used by just about every business in the country so solid training in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint (for creating presentations) is necessary for anyone wishing to be an Administrative Assistant or Office Manager.  QuickBooks training is very useful since the business accounting software program can be accessed from any place which means a totally portable career path.

To take full advantage of MyCAA grants looks for programs which offer added training in specialty fields. Social Media training for people with creative minds, Bookkeeping for math centered minds, and Project Coordinator for organized mind sets.  All these fields are considered portable and may be able to be pursued from home.  Most every firm has a requirement for a human resource position which means formal training in HR methods would be a great option also.

  1. Information Technology

Employment options in this field are always in demand due to business needs and also cyber security concerns. Training in PC repairs, hardware / software packages, and maintaining networks is always growing.  PC Technician training is great base for a home business which can be performed throughout the U.S. and overseas.  For any IT course look for programs which offer training in universally recognized training programs certifications such as CompTIA or Windows Client Training.

How Can I Get Started On My Application?

The MyCAA program requirements have changed recently but if you visit MyCareerWorks, you can speak to a Military Career Specialist who can help you through career options and answer questions about eligibility.

Visit MyCareerWorks for more Information.



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