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Shopping your Closet: New Looks without Spending a Dime

Photo Source: Stylists in the City

Guest Post by: Carrie Leaders

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be back and blogging for the Homefront United Network! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season, and are finally settling back into the swing of a “normal” routine. I know I can’t be the only one whose bank account is looking a little slimmer after traveling and buying Christmas gifts. So I am here with some tips on how to transition some of last season’s pieces into this seasons, all without spending a dime! Shopping from your own closet can be tricky, but a little bit of inspiration can allow you to look at it with a fresh set of eyes!

Shopping your closet…

Maxi dresses and skirts are HUGE trends during the warmer months, but tend to collect dust at the back of your closet once the weather dips. I usually find myself staring longingly at them while dreaming of sunshine and the ocean. Good news here, you can pull out your favorite maxi dress or skirt and bring it into winter with other pieces already in your closet! The absolute easiest way to transition your maxi dress is to pair it with a [p]leather jacket, blazer, or cardigan. You can then add your footwear; booties, or heels, if your climate is warm enough for exposed feet!  If you’d rather go a bit warmer up top, you can winterize your maxi skirt by wearing it with a long sleeved top. I love putting on a thin belt and scarf to add a bit of bulk (and warmth) as well. Booties work best here, but wear whatever feels comfortable for you. Flats are another option for those in warmer temps!

Maxi 1

I have this super adorable drop waist dress that I bought last spring and I thought that it had to be confined to my closet until the temperature made it above 60 degrees. I was browsing Pinterest one day and came across the CUTEST inspiration photo where they had paired a similar dress with tights and a little jacket. I added this gorgeous plaid scarf (FYI, plaid is HUGE this season) and my favorite Sam & Libby booties from Target.


My last look is a bit more risqué, but it’s also fun! I have been pairing my shorts with tights since I was in college and I love how it’s another option besides a skirt or dress. It’s super comfortable, especially when paired with some faux leather sneakers and a big ol’ comfy sweater. You can also wear some dressier shorts or a looser fitting pair (high waisted would even look amazing) with tights.  This pairing definitely takes a bit more courage to rock, but why not step outside your comfort zone and try something new?

Shorts 1

I hope I have given you some inspiration to head back into your closet and try to make some new looks with existing pieces. As always, make each look your own and feel free to add your own personal flair!

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