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National Guard & Reserve Unit Names for Africa Deployment

Kentucky National Guard briefs on Operation United Assistance.
Kentucky National Guard briefs on Operation United Assistance.

If you missed it over the weekend, the Army Times released the names of the National Guard and Reserve units set for deployment this spring to support U.S. Ebola response operations in West Africa. FULL LIST BELOW

This news has not only impacted our country, but also the families of these National Guard and Reserve families. “I was shocked upon reading the list and coming to my husband’s unit. At first I felt like it wasn’t fair, I have so many mixed emotions, it really is just so upsetting.” Stacy Trillos husband recently returned from a 12 month deployment from Afghanistan and has just enrolled in school. They were anxious to move close to their family this spring, something that will now have to wait. “I understand the mission, the life and helping others. I am just having troubles processing this all and the need to send our troops over there.”

Not only are our National Guard and Reserve families frustrated with this news, one active duty spouse who has asked to be left anonymous explains why this deployment makes no sense; Once again our national guard and reserve families are being asked to carry a burden that this nation will (for the vast majority) not understand or recognize. These families who are still struggling to find their place in their own communities after 13 years of war are now being activated to assist a nation other than the nation and state they swore an oath to protect.”

There will be a total of 2,100 soldiers from the National Guard and Army Reserve that will deploy to Liberia and Senegal. This mission is a rotation to relieve the current troops there that deployed in September and October.

Deployment length is set for six months, not including the mandatory 21 days quarantine.

National Guard & Reserve Unit Names for Africa Deployment:

National Guard

•34th Infantry Division headquarters, Minnesota National Guard

•16th Engineer Brigade headquarters, Ohio National Guard

•223rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist Detachment), California National Guard

•272nd Engineer Company (Vertical Construction), Texas National Guard

•294th Area Support Medical Company, Iowa National Guard

•891st Engineer Battalion, Kansas National Guard.


•96th Sustainment Brigade, of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado

•313th Movement Control Battalion, Baltimore, Maryland

•324th Fire Fighting Detachment, East Point, Georgia

•324th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Granite City, Illinois

•329th Survey and Design Team, St. Joseph, Minnesota

•387th Medical Logistics Company, Miami, Florida

•398th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Rockville, Maryland

•452nd Preventative Medicine Team, Miami, Florida

•996th Horizontal Engineer Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

•B Company, 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, Columbus, Ohio


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