Hot Topic: Sears Cancels Heroes at Home Wish Registry
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Hot Topic: Sears Cancels Heroes at Home Wish Registry

A few days ago, Sears made the following statement about discontinuing their Heroes at Home Wish Registry program:


Sears has long supported military families through many programs, including Heroes at Home. We are thankful for the generous support of our associates and members to the Heroes at Home Wish Registry, which raised more  than $19 million in gift card donations since 2008 and helped over 100,000 families. We have discontinued the Wish Registry program this year and will continue to support military families through other initiatives. If you previously received a Wish Registry gift card, we encourage you to check the balance and use accordingly this holiday season.

Sears remains committed to supporting America’s troops and veterans – including our more than 30,000 veteran and 1,500 National Guard and Reserve associates – with more than 6,000 veterans hired over the past two years. The Heroes at Home program is a core component of our charitable efforts, and since 2007 we have worked with Rebuilding Together to turn $18 million in donations into more than $28 million in home value for more than 19,000 veterans and their families. We thank all those who serve and look forward to continuing our mission to uplift, assist and honor America’s military families.


One military spouse is very upset over the cancellation of this program stating, “This was the one way we were able to afford a holiday for our family. Sears is selfish for cancelling this and putting families through financial strains.” While another military spouses says, “Thank goodness! This program was wonderful, but spouses would get so upset over the amount or not getting accepted. Nothing is owed to us, Sears didn’t owe us anything!”

The Homefront United Network would like to thank Sears for the many years of support and although they have discontinued this program, we know they still are a huge supporter of military and families. What are your thoughts on the cancellation of this program?


2 thoughts on “Hot Topic: Sears Cancels Heroes at Home Wish Registry”

  1. Sears is selfish for cancelling the program? It’s EXACTLY that kind of attitude that led to this! I’m surprised that Sears didn’t cancel it sooner. The entitlement attitudes that were one display in regards to this always made me embarrassed to be a Milspouse. Sears owes us NOTHING. It is not their responsibility to provide Christmas for our families…it’s up to us. There are other ways to provide besides getting money from Sears.

    Sears, Thank You for your support and all you do for Veterans!

    1. I completely agree that the attacks on sears were totally out of line..I will however NEVER be ashamed to be a military spouse I am proud to be..although a lot of people make a fool of their self and give a bad review of all military spouses, there are a lot of wonderful supportive military spouses out here who are great full for everything we are lucky enough to receive and I hate reading all of these sterotype based remarks on multiple sights on this matter. I have read a lot of offensive reviews saying things like it’s the person in the service who serves and the spouses are too bratty and entitled. .I saw this an an unfair judgement..I agree that it is the person in the service that serves our country..but there is a lot that the s puce has to go threw support sacrifice and take care of to make this work for a lot of the service members.i think we should all be supporting and being thankful for every participant of the military.i am thankful that sears was great full for the services of our troops..I am ashamed of the people who threw their fits and ruined it for all of us.i do hope they bring it back and if someone gets nasty they should simply ban them from the program, and I don’t expect them or anyone else to give us anything however when they do it is greatly appreciated and any help is needed. A lot of us have children and not a lot of family included and it’s things like this that make us smile and warm our hearts what a wonderful blessing you have been sears we love u and thank you and hope you keep your spirits up and don’t shield your hearts there are a lot of ungreatful..but there are a lot of greatful you guys really helped. .thank you.

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