Keep Moving Forward

fszfsafaI know you are terrified. Terrified doesn’t even begin to cover it. Every part of you feels helpless, immobile – you don’t know how to think or how to breathe. You can’t even remember that life.

I know what that feels like. You feel cast aside, betrayed. You feel angry, broken, unable. You want to fix it but there is nothing to fix.

This is your reality.

You will be leaving the military. It isn’t just cutting the (estimated) 8% beyond those who with misconduct or flags or black marks in their records. Eight percent of those forced out will have done nothing but serve their country, have lived through war, continue to live that war every day. Their families have served their country, have lived through war, re-live those moments every day. And after all of that, you are no longer a justifiable expense. You don’t get to stay because they have to cut.

You have to leave.

This is your life. Every moment has become part of you, how you live, what you know. It has become so much of who you are. How do you watch him go through this? How do you build him up? How do you watch his struggle?

You feel broken. You aren’t.

You still belong to a community of the strongest spouses this nation can know. You still made it through every trial of separation, deployment, parenting alone, moving and moving and moving. You have held those around you up. You have given but in giving you have received. You have that strength. You have the knowledge that can only come from living as a military spouse. You have a tenacity and resilience that most can only hope to gain over a lifetime. You have not changed.

You know how to hunt the good, pray through dehydrating sobs, fight through the hardest moments. You know how to thrive. You know.

You. Will. Survive. This.

There will be families behind you that will live the same sadness, same shock… help them. Take what you learn and walk them through. Build them up, maintain your community.

Our Military is changing in a way that no one really sees but those who live it. We see beyond numbers and statistics to families and spouses, soldiers and children. We see the lives changed. Our lives are changing. You are not a number. You are not a statistic. You are my military sister. You are my community. I am walking this with you. I am living this with you.

Bring our story to the civilian world. Bring your strength, courage, hope and pride. This nation needs you. This nation needs to know we are here. We have voices. We are hurting but still serving.

It’s going to be harder than hard. Your world is going to be turned upside down. You are able to thrive. You are able to comfort. You are made for more.

This will not break you.

Find the purpose. Find the hope. And keep moving forward.


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