When Moving, Make the Right Decisions

When Moving, Make the Right Decisionscouple-lookingathouse – Buy, sell, rent and rent out your home

Finding your next dream home

Whether or not you are headed to a dream list assignment, choosing the best housing option for your family will have a profound impact on your experience living at your duty station. Service members and their families are awaiting orders or excitedly researching their new assignment. As questions are asked and decisions made, one choice looms that will affect commute time, schools, and available amenities – where will we live?

What does your family need and want? If a happy coexistence with your teenagers requires some personal space then square footage will be high on your list. Does spending time in traffic drive you crazy or do you want to save money on gas? Then, start your search by staying with 10 miles commute of your installation. From the number of bedrooms, to pets, to garage options to lease length, the key to finding your dream home (for right now) is to build a profile based on your priorities. Then, utilizing a tool like AHRN.com create a search for homes that fit your priorities and budget.

50,000 housing listings await you on AHRN.com. After ten years and boasting a 94% satisfaction rate from users, it is the most trusted housing resource on the internet today.

“Saved us a lot of time and money.  Great experience with AHRN and we are using it for our next PCS which occurs in about three months. Start searching for your next home today.


Deciding to sell or rent?

FSBO-military-smallerAsk yourself some questions:

-Are you moving from your retirement dream location?
-Are you trying to build your portfolio of real estate with your BAH?

Then rent out your home. Many property managers in military communities are former military! You can list your rental for free on AHRN.com.

-Does your monthly mortgage payment exceed what you could command in fair market rent?

-Are you uncomfortable with uncertainty and don’t want to be bothered with a long distance rental?
-How much time do you have before you have to move?
-Can you be out of pocket if someone misses rent payments?

Then sell your home. Many real estate agents in military communities are former military! You can list your for sale listing free on AHRN.com.

How to find out what you should rent out your house for? Register / Login to AHRN.com for your area, perform a search that matches your home exactly. Look at the comparable amenities, square footage, how new theappliances, updates are and price accordingly. The RentSmart dashboard as well as each listing has rental averages for assessing what your rent should be. Also, it’s good to consult with a property manager if you are going to rent. The real estate agent, if you secure one, will help you set the price for the home.

No matter if you decide to sell or rent, keep it in the military family. By utilizing this free and military oriented resource, you’ll feel better about helping out your fellow brothers and sisters in arms.


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  1. Thanks for this, we are about to PCS and are not sure about selling or renting. This helped me think about some of the advantages!

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