Going Back to School While Active Duty, is it Possible?

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Going Back to School While Active Duty, is it Possible? No problem! More and more active duty members are taking the plunge and are going back to school. Whether they are young or older, they are doing it. When I went to college in 2001, online college was an unknown thing. It existed, but no one knew how good it really was and if the education you received via the internet was better than sitting in the classroom. I was able to do both my Bachelor’s and Master’s in a classroom, but I always wondered if attending a class online was at the same level as a classroom. I guess it’s the old school misconception that arose in me. I thought education was suppose to be taught the “traditional” way, shortly I was proven wrong.

Seven years ago when I began dating my husband, I noticed that a lot of his buddies were doing online classes. I still didn’t get it. How could they attend class with the crazy schedule they had? How was it even possible? It was very possible, I soon learned. I began learning how online school benefited everybody, especially the military. The ability to go to class at your schedule, the vast amount of military friendly colleges willing to help any veterans, Active Duty members and spouses and the fact that you don’t have to go to a “traditional” college to get your education. The list goes on, but you get the picture. Over the years, it has become a norm that no matter what age, occupation or rank, you are always eager to learn something new. Going back to school is the place where you can achieve that greatness.

I am currently an enrollment advisor at a military friendly college and the vast amount of military members, veterans and spouses that walk through our doors eager to learn is amazing. It makes me happy to see that there is still that want of learning. Some of them go back to school for themselves and others for promotion, but regardless, they are doing it. So, is going back to school while being active duty possible? It very much is. The intimidation of maybe being the eldest in class will soon dwindle away, because you realize that you and all the students in the classroom are there for one thing and one thing only, to learn and get that degree.

Are you an active duty servicemember or military spouse in school? Share your tips below in the comments!


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