Why I Love Valentine’s Day and 10 Reasons You Will Love It Too!
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Why I Love Valentine’s Day and 10 Reasons You Will Love It Too!

vaday loveI love Valentine’s Day, yes I’m one of THOSE people. I love it and I’m not ashamed to love it. I love the pink and red flowers, frilly cards with hearts and drippy love poems, the romance and lovey-dovey of it all. I still loved it when my husband deployed on Valentine’s Day (yes, he left Feb. 14!) and last year when he was also overseas. I bought myself dinner and chocolates, he sent flowers and a card, we Skype’d and we made the best of it. I realize some think it’s pointless and even loathe it, but I look at it as a chance to carve a little time out just to appreciate love. Of course my husband and I love each other every day, but we also have a million things going on; work, school and family. Valentine’s Day is my excuse to say STOP, today is about us! We take a break from life and enjoy each other. Perhaps we’ll go out to dinner or we may help each other make a nice dinner at home, the point is to relax and reaffirm what we already know but get too busy to show all the time.

So I may not be able to change every naysayer’s mind about Valentine’s Day but maybe these recipes and projects will at least make it bearable, or a little fun. Keep in mind that I am not crafty at all. My crafting projects end up looking like something a Kindergartner would do, but not in a cute let’s put that up on the fridge kind of way. Really, I’m not going to throw anything at you that can’t be done quickly, cheaply and easily!

Why I Love Valentine’s Day and 10 Reasons You Will Love It Too!
  1. Fresh raspberries with chocolate chips – it doesn’t get easier than this! Buy fresh raspberries and insert your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate chips inside.
  2. Heart-Shaped Homemade Pepperoni Pizza – kid friendly adorable mini heart pizzas. Perfect for dinner and if you’re like me – you’d substitute ready-made pizza dough and sauce to make it even easier!
  3. Long Distance Hug – This is a super cute and really simple craft your kids will love. I had my husband’s daughter make it last year and we sent it to him in his Valentine’s Day care package. We also sent one to Grandma and Auntie who live in another state. Everyone loved it!
  4. 52 Reasons I Love You Cards – I made these for my husband a couple of years ago. Again, I am not crafty so I simply used a sharpie to write the reasons on each of the cards and then put them back in the box. Granted, not as nice of a presentation but very simple and he still loved them.
  5. Valentine’s Day Printable Tags – These are really cute. I gave my husband a treat with one of these cute printables every day of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  6. Strawberry Brownie Marshmallow Skewers – Again, easy easy! Alternate whole strawberries, brownies and large marshmallows on a skewer and drizzle with chocolate. Serve on a platter. Beautiful and delicious.
  7. Chocolate Covered Heart Strawberries – Cut a strawberry in half. Lay them side by side (cut side up) so they resemble a heart. Stick a toothpick through to hold in place and dip in chocolate, remove toothpick and let dry. Who comes up with these things? Thank goodness for Pinterest!
  8. Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries – You’ll need whole strawberries, ready to eat cheesecake filling and dipping chocolate. Hollow out the strawberries, fill with cheesecake filling and dip in chocolate. Let dry on wax paper. I’ve done this one and it truly is simple and yummy!
  9. Super Easy Candy-Coated Popcorn – Popcorn, red, pink & white candy melts and salt. That’s it! Very easy and tasty!
  10. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini – Cocktail anyone? Chill glass and spin with chocolate. Pour liqueurs in a shaker full of ice. Shake and pour into glass. Garnish with strawberries. Enjoy.

Day to day life can be hectic, especially for military families, so let’s take time out on this day and use it as an opportunity to celebrate love. Whether you buy something, make something, send it long distance or in person – enjoy the day and each other.

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