Time for the Big Game!

Photo Credit: ZDNet
Photo Credit: ZDNet

Time for the Big Game!

Now that the holidays are behind us we can begin to focus on the most exciting time of year for football fans, Super bowl! Only two lucky teams will make it to the big game but regardless of if your team is one of them it is a night for fun and parties for all fans.

Since I was a kid Super bowl Sunday was a huge deal at my house. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and by default was raised a Patriots fan. I have been lucky to have a team who in the past 10 years has been to the Super bowl several times but even on years when they weren’t in the big game my family had a party. We made fun food, played games and inevitably spent the day yelling and jumping around our living room.

Here are a few ideas for food and activities for you and yours to try this year and in years to come.   I am a big fan of finger food, it keeps it easy and the cleanup is much easier. Plus, people

will be in front of the television for the most part with their eyes glued to the game so you don’t want something messy or super involved.


-I personally love pigs in a blanket, they are always a crowd pleaser and you can use turkey or beef mini-dogs for different flavors and can make all kinds of fun dipping sauces. You will need at least one package of mini hot dogs and probably two packages of rolls for wrapping.

-For dipping sauces, use your imagination, I like honey mustard (regular yellow mustard mixed with honey) and spicy ketchup (ketchup mixed with your favorite hot sauce or chili powder) Ranch dressing always works in a pinch too.

Veggie and cheese pinwheels are also awesome, here’s how I make those:

Get  two tubes of crescent rolls. Unroll and lay them out flat on a clean counter or board -DO NOT peel them a part. Sprinkle your favorite cheese all over the top and then add your favorite diced vegetables, I like green pepper, onion and black olive. Roll the crescent roll sheets up like jelly rolls. Place them on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for 10 minutes (this will make them easier to cut) take them out, cut them into slices and place spread out on a cookie sheet and bake them at 350 until the tops are brown and the cheese is melted.

For adult parties a fun super bowl drink is great. Try making a bowl of Super Punch using Vodka, lemon lime soda, fruit punch and football shaped scoops of sherbert!


You will be watching the game for most of the evening but if you have kids or want some halftime entertainment here are a few ideas.

-Football trivia is a fun game to play. Come up with some really fun trivia questions about football or your favorite team. The winner gets a fun prize like a team coozie! You can get some great football facts online or from the fans in your family!

-You can also set up a football toss game (kids will love it) all you need is a small Nerf style football and a garbage can. Make lines on the floor with masking tape for different difficulty levels. Again, prizes for the winners will be a hit!

So there you go. Some ideas for snacks and some ideas for fun things to do when this years Super bowl Sunday rolls around. It’s about enjoying the game, time with friends and

family, and who really doesn’t love an excuse for snacks and some cocktails? Have a great time everyone and GO PATRIOTS!


2 thoughts on “Time for the Big Game!”

  1. I Love the pinwheels but we do them a little different we take softened cream cheese and mix it with dry ranch and put it and veggies on a tortilla and roll them and cut them! I think I’ll try this hot version! Thanks!

  2. I’m a Broncos fan and my husband is a Seahawks fan – should be an interesting night at my house! LOL! 🙂

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