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Get Paid to Write With Markerly’s Blogging Network


Get Paid to Write With Markerly’s Blogging Network


The HUN is a proud supporter and affiliate of the Markerly Blogging Network. For many bloggers out there, it can be difficult to find a legit blogging network that values you and your blog. We have been there many times and it gets frustrating to put in all this effort to end up being paid cents for your posts, reviews or sponsored content. Agree?

Here are just a few of the amazing perks when you work with Markerly:

-Markerly is a full-service managed network with 24/7 blogger support.
-Markerly gives you heat maps of your entire post so you can see what people were clicking on.
-Markerly pays bloggers within 48 hours of the post going live.
-Work with brands like Levi’s, Super Bowl, TruMoo, eMeals etc.
-Get free products to review from companies like Last Bottle Wines and Invino or cool earbuds from Jaybird.
-Markerly is very focused on quality blog posts and bloggers that have engaged audiences

Join the Markerly Blogging Network!
Join the Markerly Blogging Network!

Influencer Marketing is a great way for brands to connect with bloggers and their audiences to sell more products and gain awareness. Markerly is the best blogging network to find sponsored content opportunities and get paid to work with awesome brands. Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, Markerly focuses on quality and authenticity.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! As long as you are a committed blogger with at least 10,000 page views a month or an average of 3 comments per post, Markerly works with you!

Join Markerly’s blogging network here! The best blogging network we have come across and love working with!

Read more about Markerly here:  Press about Markerly


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