Happy Third Anniversary- Homefront United Network!

Happy Third Anniversary- Homefront United Network!

Christmas Day 2010 the Homefront United Network posted it’s first article.  Since that day three years ago, the Homefront United Network has grown and changed.  Along the way our writers have also grown and changed.  As editor/writer I’ve been here since the beginning, and I know why I love it.  So I had to ask, why do you enjoy writing for the Homefront United Network?


In honor of our anniversary, here is what a few of our writers had to say about writing for the site.


“I enjoy writing for the HUN because of the support I receive from the other writers and readers.  The HUN has created an online community of support, information and camaraderie.  We’re either military spouses or have some tie to the military so we understand what each other are going through and can support one another.  You’ll always find a kind word, a thoughtful post or a word of advice.  Writing for the HUN is a pleasure.”  Holly Dalton, HUN writer.


“I began writing for Homefront United Network nearly two years ago after my husband went on deployment. It was our second deployment in three years, but this one was different since I was staying back at our house instead of going home to family. I often looked to other spouses for tips and tricks, both my friends and military blogs online. I discovered HUN through a fellow spouse and I was inspired by their work to help other spouses deal with all things military related (and not). I was ecstatic to be able to join the team, and I have enjoyed it ever since. Writing for HUN gives me a sense of pride in the work I do outside the home. It gave me an identity other than just “stay-at-home” mom. While my husband was gone, it gave me something to focus on and a purpose other than holding down the fort. It has been a place of support and an outlet as a writer. The other team members/writers have inspired me as a military spouse and as a person to do more to volunteer in our community. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing group of people!”  Lauren Lomsdale, HUN Writer.


“It’s not everyday you get to sit down and write about something you are passionate about. Yes, I have my own blog, but that is nothing in comparison to what the HUN is, and has achieved. Angela Caban has done great things with this network and she has given us, the writers,  the reins without any objection. For instance, Angela had the idea of “R&R Week” and gave me – a person with absolute no idea what I was doing or with any experience in marketing – the huge opportunity of being in charge of it. The best part of all, is that I get to re-read past posts from the HUN and reminisce and remind the readers how great the writers at the HUN really are by reminding them with these past posts.

Another favorite part about the HUN, is writing for the HUN. I absolutely love writing funny stories about my life and in return making people laugh.”  Ines Johnson, Homefront United Network writer and social network manager.



“I began writing for Homefront United Network in 2011. I found out about the opportunity through a friend and timidly decided to send my information to them and see how things worked out. It was the first opportunity I ever had to have my writing published. I was terrified when I wrote my first article for them! However, the team at Homefront is so supportive and encouraging. I loved the idea of being able to share the life of the Coast Guard family with others. I am passionate about my life as a Coast Guard wife and having the opportunity to share that with fellow military spouses, potential military spouses and those curious about the military was incredible. I love writing for Homefront United Network, because they give me the opportunity to share my experiences with those it might help. If I can ease the mind of a worried spouse, raise awareness about the Coast Guard and/or give someone the information they are searching for, my day is complete!” Mandy Baker, Homefront United Network writer.



“What I like most about writing for the Homefront United Network is the flexibility and support of the executive team. I tend to write on a wide variety of topics, from words of encouragement for the military lifestyle to health-based research and advice, and all of them have been accepted by President Angela Caban and Executive Editor Amanda Cherry for publication. Their approval gives me a feeling of accomplishment as a writer and motivates me to continue expressing my voice through writing. In addition to their flexibility, the executive team is very understanding about the fact that everyone’s lives get a bit hectic sometimes. If I ever feel that it is just too much to get an article submitted, I can just let Angela and Amanda know and they will grant me a reprieve for that month, no questions asked.” Lisa White, Homefront United Network writer.


“Three years ago my cousin Amanda Cherry told me about an idea that sounded nuttier than a squirrel turd.  She done told me about Angela Caban’s idea to create a website for folks who don’t live on a military post and ain’t got much support.  That part of the idea sounded finer than frog’s hair.  The idea of ME writin’ for the HUN sounded tougher than a two dollar steak.  She said, you’d be able to cook, give advice, and share all yer opinions about bein’ a good domestic diva. I said, I got four kids, a husband and am movin’ to Oregon… plus I don’t know nothin’ about computers. She said, don’t you worry about that part I’ll help. Besides the world needs to hear from someone like you! Three years later we’re all still rockin’ it as my youngest son would say! Bless yer hearts!”  Military Martha, Homefront United Network writer.

I love that the HUN shares it’s anniversary with Christmas.  Everyday feels like a gift as our writers, contributors and sponsors give us the chance to help our readers. I’ve been with the HUN from the beginning, inspired by Angela’s idea of virtually supporting National Guard and Reserve families. I’ve participated in much of the growth and change, which continues to inspire me. I love being a part of a team that is able to find ways to support military families, while still supporting their own.  It’s not always easy, and what I have found in my capacity as writer and editor is that our readers and writers support me as well, it’s such a blessing.


mstarchristmas_1280x1024Happy Anniversary HUN and Merry Christmas from the HUN family to yours!


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