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Government Shutdown Delays Tax Filing Season

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Government Shutdown Delays Tax Filing Season…

If you weren’t annoyed enough already after a the 16-day government shutdown, this could possibly delay tax refunds for millions of early filers by one or two weeks. This announcement was made by the Internal Revenue Service back in October to notify tax payers of possible delays.

The IRS won’t start processing returns until at least Jan. 28 and as late as Feb. 4 because of the time that it needs to program and test their tax-processing systems.

Fact on the government shutdown and delays…

  • 90% of the IRS was idled during the partial government shutdown
  • All taxpayers must still file a return by the April 15 deadline
  • All companies must still mail all W2’s and tax forms by January 31
  • The IRS will announce the date it will start to accept returns in December. There won’t be any advantage to filing before that date. Electronic filers will still get their refunds more quickly than those who file by mail.
  • If the government shuts down again, the delay will be even longer
H&R Block has released this statement in regards to the IRS delays, “While H&R Block is well prepared to adjust to the IRS announcement of a delay in the opening of the 2014 tax season, we are frustrated for our clients who are among the estimated 18 million taxpayers who typically file a return in January.”
For more information in regards to the tax refund delays, please visit the IRS website.
For more information on when you will receive your W2 or other tax forms please visit this link.

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