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Tungsten World Digi Camo Ring Giveaway!

I don’t know about your spouse but my husband can be like a bull in a china shop.  He knocks into things, dives head first into fixing or doing things without a thought as to whether he’s dressed for it.  He once put up Christmas lights on my mother’s roof in a brand new pair of dress shoes, completely destroying them in just under an hour; at least my mother’s house looked festive.

Five years ago when we were picking out rings for our upcoming wedding, we knew my husband would be deploying to Iraq within nine months.  We both knew he would need a ring that would stand up not only the normal wear and tear he would dish out but whatever he may come across in Iraq.  Tim did his research and decided on a tungsten ring.  Five years and a deployment later, the ring looks just like it did the day I put it on his finger at our wedding.

When Tungsten World reached out to me to review their new digital camo tungsten ring I was happy to take it on.  It’s a perfect ring for anyone in the military.  Not only does it have the unique digital camo print, it’s also tough enough to stand up to deployments.  It has enough weight to it to remind you that it’s there but it won’t weigh your hand down.  The ring also have a beveled edge for a comfort fit.  This ring isn’t just a wedding band; it would be a great gift for a graduation or promotion.  It ships in a beautiful polished mahogany box.

tungstenWho would love to win one of these rings for that special service member in your life? Enter below for a chance to win a digital camo tungsten ring!

Giveaway Terms: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Anyone 18 and over who is a U.S. resident may enter the giveaway. Giveaway starts on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST and ends on Friday, November 15, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. One winner will be selected at random and will be notified by e-mail. Winner must respond back within 5 business days – or prize will be forfeited and another winner will be selected. Please allow 2-3 days for processing and 1 week for delivery. Please see details below for entry information.

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115 thoughts on “Tungsten World Digi Camo Ring Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you for all you do on your site! I have been following the Home Front United site since being stationed back in the States with my husband. When we got married, I opted for a Tungsten ring because, as you mentioned, my husband is a bull in a china shop! Unfortunately, due to health reasons, his ring no longer fits him. It is too small. This would be an awesome welcome back from Deployment gift (he is always complaining that he can't wear his ring in ports). Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  2. OMG this is soooo cool! I am so excited about this giveaway, hubby would LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Ya”ll know I follow, am a fan, am subscribed to the feed, and liked Tungsten on FB and said ya sent me! Good luck everyone!

  3. This is the neatest ring I have seen….my husband would love this when he comes home from his tour…thank you for all you guys do…

  4. This would be so nice. My hubby had his band cut off due to the accident that severly injured him.

  5. My husband fractured his ring finger and the ER had to cut off his Titanium wedding band. We have had that band for 7 years:(. This would be a God send to place around his finger:)

  6. I am in love with this ring. The ring I gave my husband when we were married while on his R&R he lost a week later on the beach and we have never been able to find another one like it. I would love to be able to give this to him for Christmas.

  7. This would be so perfect as my hubby's field or deployment ring. It will be 15 years in the Marine Corps this coming year, would be a perfect gift! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Love this!! This would make a great back up…my husband has lost two so far! One in the Mediterrian Sea and the second while working on his truck

  9. I love love love this ring! Whoever receives this will be very happy 🙂 Thank you HUN for all your wonderful giveaways, you all are always so generous. I know my husband would wear it proudly if we won.

  10. When we got married 6 years ago, we didn’t have a wedding ring initially for my husband. Then someone that came into his office noticed that he wasn’t wearing one and he had just found a wedding ring that day in the sand on the beach. He gave it to my husband, and he has been wearing it ever since. It would be nice to upgrade 🙂

  11. My husband would love this as well! He's been wearing a cheapo ring for about 10 years now – this would make a perfect anniversary gift.

  12. My husband would love this as well! He’s been wearing a cheapo ring for about 10 years now – this would make a perfect anniversary gift.

  13. I would love this to replace my husband's wedding ring and a new start to heal his wounds and to symbolize what he has been through

  14. This would be perfect for my husband who actually lost his last one on his last deployment

  15. Would Love to give this ring to my husband…it would be perfect…He has just started on his 34th year with the Alabama Army National Guard! He was deployed to Iraq in 2004! I'm very proud of him and support him100%

  16. My husbands bday was on Veterans Day. This would be an amazing belated birthday gift 🙂 love the print 🙂

  17. I got to see one of these rings in person (at the AUSA Military Spouse CEO pavilion) and it was awesome! My husband lost his original wedding band years ago and now wears a cheap silver band. I would love to give him this replacement!

  18. Such a beautiful ring! I know my husband would love this! His wedding ring is the same material but different style and I know they would match perfect on his fingers

  19. Definitely a great 10th yr anniversary for my soldier. He loves tungsten soooo much. Hope I win this.

  20. This ring would be amazing for my hubby. We’re coming up on our 15th anniversary, and his wedding ring was basically ruined during his last deployment. It’s so scratched and beat up that he never even wears it anymore. I’d love to be able to give him this!

  21. My husband would love this. He is now medically retired,but in every way supports his affiliation with the military. He would be honored to win this in the giveaway.

  22. I would love to give this to my husband! He lost his wedding ring while on a deployment. 🙁 This is an awesome ring!

  23. This would make an amazing 7 year anniversary present to my husband. He is also about to celebrate his 14 year anniversary AD Air Force.

  24. My husband currently has a tungsten ring that he loves and he would adore to have one in digital camo, seeing as he has spent the last 14 years servicing this country.

  25. While traveling to school for training with The Wyoming Army National Guard 4 years ago, my husband had to go through Denver, like he has many times before…but his time the security agent "forgot" to give him his wedding rig back. I would love to be able to finally replace it.

  26. I have lost my wedding ring twice. Cant afford a new on. The army doest pay all too well.I deploy in january and would love to wear this.

  27. Omg! This is perfect for us! My husband has lost his wedding ring more than once & I
    made a choice not to get him another one until now.. i want it! Choose us! 🙂 i hope we get it before he deploys ..please!!!!!

  28. My hubby has the other camo one (not the digi) he loves camo, he is a hunter. Anyway, he loves his ring, trust me he ain't into jewelry. He gets compliments all the time, and the other day he told me, "Hey babe, I still think I have the coolest ring." (Apparently he has been eyeballing other guys rings…haha.) I bought it from Tungsten World…highly recommend it!!!

  29. This would make a wonderful 13th anniversary gift for my husband! He would be so proud to put this on with his uniform every day!

  30. Love this ring and it would be a perfect gift to give to my husband. He is currently deployed and we could not spend our 10 th anniversary together!

  31. My husband is currently in Afghanistan and took his ring with him. This would be a great replacement if he loses his in the field.

  32. I was going to buy a new wedding ring for my husband, back in December for our 10th wedding anniversary. But he said we shouldn't get anything for each other at this time, because Christmas was coming . This summer he will have been active duty in the ARNG for almost 10 years, and I think this would be a really cool gift to celebrate his accomplishment. T

  33. I like this ring! My hubby has served for a total of 9 yrs & is an OIF Veteran, my brother is an OEF Veteran, my dad is a Cold War Veteran and served a total of 26 yrs., my papaw was a Veteran, my son was born on Veteran's Day and is an Army Brat and I'm an Army Brat. If my hubby doesn't like it, then I think that my dad would like it! Either way, it would be a great gift for a special person!!

  34. My husband is medically retired from the Army, but as he says, he will be Infantry until he dies. He has a really cheap ring because he is so hard on jewelry, and I knew whatever he got would be scratched up and dented immediately. It would be nice to get him something that represents who he is/was, and that can stand up to the damage he usually inflicts on jewelry.

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