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The HUN is excited to share an all new veterans segment on the Monster Find Better Series. Here is a little bit more on this great series…

Monster and the Pivot network have teamed up together to create nine segments for Take Part Live surrounding Monster’s Find Better initiative that focuses on millennials and even includes a veteran segment.  Take Part Live is a topical show that tackles timely issues without taking itself too seriously and provides stories and conversations that matter to millennials.

Ready to take the next step on your journey to Find Better®? Better is out there. And Monster can help you find it. Whether you’re just starting your career, breaking into your next job, heading out on your own, or feeling like you need a wake-up call, Monster — with spokesperson Josh Shipp and a team of experts — serves up advice, tips and tools to help you move forward. Check out Monster’s digital short series, featuring knowledgeable, entertaining experts who’ve got the career know-how to get you there. Be sure to tune-in to Pivot’s TakePart Live on November 18th to catch our next segment — Women Amongst Boys. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s Find Better®.

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Here is a breakdown of the segments that have aired/will air on the series:

11/11 —Career, Country (Veteran’s Segment) How do young vets returning from service integrate into the civilian workforce?  We talk to an expert about taking advantage of the GI Bill before looking for work versus how one who has served his/her country can find a job without a college-education.  In studio, a young vet joins Josh and our hosts to discuss topics such as what’s next for them, how they’re adjusting their lives after serving country, employment, re-acclimating into their communities, the changing relationships with their friends and family, outlook on their future and finally, best next steps.

11/18 —Woman Amongst Boys

What is it like to be a female in a male-dominated field? Josh speaks with a woman who has experienced her career in the science/technology field. He then recaps the top 10 male-dominated fields where women currently are having an impact. In-studio, we discuss why there are so few women in certain fields and highlight strategies to encourage more females to pursue those paths.

12/9 —Choosing the Best Path

Shipp and specialists discuss the best ways to identify potential career paths for chosen fields and explore potential challenge/pitfalls that lie ahead. During the package, experts provide tips and tools to determine, on an individual basis, the careers for which some millennials are best suited. Creative or unexpected ways to get where you’re going.

12/16 —Beyond The Offer

So you got the job, now what?  Josh talks to experts about first job expectations, discussing what kinds of leverage entry-level employees actually have. We explore questions about when it’s appropriate to re-negotiate salaries and offer tips to manage the balance between respecting the employer and advocating for yourself.


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