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Sisters for Life…By Choice

sisters for life articleI have been a Military Spouse for over 23 years and during this time have always heard about the unbreakable bond service members have with those that they serve with, especially in combat. In my experience, that bond is also quite prominent among the spouses of our military, it’s just not as talked about. I have been so blessed over this military journey to have met a group of women that I consider sisters. Why? Because even though we are not related by blood, they would jump to my rescue despite if I had talked to them last week or 20 years ago. Our husbands served together and so did we. It may not have been in combat situations, although sometimes it felt that way, but they were the women that taught me how to live this crazy life we have been handed because of the amazing men we happened to fall in love with.

The great thing about these women is that they are all important to me for very different reasons. I get teary when I think about the first wife that took me under her wing to “show me the ropes” of being a good Army wife. Maria never sugar coated anything, but I loved and needed that.  She taught me the reality of this new life.  We baked, played BINGO, laughed and cried as we were both pregnant at the same time. She made me stronger, taught me how to stay busy during field exercises so time went by faster when my husband was away. She mentored me and taught me how to mentor.

These women I have met along the way have taught me to pee on the side of the road in the mountains without messing up my clothes, taken my kids when I was too sick to crawl out of bed, sat up all night with me waiting on word of whatever tragedy had happened on our husband’s base that day.  They sat in the delivery room while I was in labor, stayed the night with me when I had surgery and my husband was in another country, and cleaned my house when I just didn’t have the time. They listened to me rant when I was frustrated, laughed when I told them I was going to start exercising, exchanged recipes, spent holidays at my house when there wasn’t enough time or money to go home to family.

We have attended weddings, baby showers, and far too many funerals together. Our children are blessed with these women that are scattered all over the United States that have been a part of their upbringing.  I know that I am a better person because of these amazing “Sisters” I know will be in my life forever.


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