Supporting the Military Community: Military Bloggers

Supporting the Military Community: Military Bloggers

As a military blogger and writer myself, I understand firsthand the desire to lend support to those in our community via social media. I have always found it interesting to read what other spouses and/or service members have learned from their experiences as a military family.

In my interest to learn more about other military bloggers, I decided to interview a few that have inspired me to take my own blog to higher levels. These three women come from different backgrounds and their blogs/sites are all different. But the one thing they share in common is their desire to get information, resources, and ideas out to other members of our military community.



Kristine Schellhaas

Kristine is the wife of a Marine, the mother of two (finally school-age!) children, and the creator of USMC Life is a website that Kristine dreamed up at the wee hours of the morning, alone with her newborn while her husband was deployed, to make military life easier for families. After four strong years, USMC Life is there to inspire, connect, and educate other military families.

As the name implies, USMC Life focuses on everything Marine Corps. Kristine and her team provide a base-by-base guide for all major Marine Corps bases with housing information, base information, school guides, and more. As Kristine says, “It’s like finding a friend who gives you the skinny to the area.” USMC Life also has a blog where families can connect to military spouses for advice on living overseas, at different bases, and life after the military as well as a resource section that pertains to all branches of the military like ID card information and deployment support.

Aprons and Cammies


Lauren Thorpe

Lauren started Aprons and Cammies after she and her husband (and one time high school sweetheart) started dating. Her first Marine Corps Ball experience with her “Mister” as she calls him showed her how all military spouses are instantly connected simply by their lifestyle, and she wanted to share her experiences as a new milspouse with others via a blog. Lauren finds herself impressed by the standards in which he holds himself as a Marine, and he is her inspiration for her blog and in her daily life.

Although Aprons and Cammies provides information to other military families, it does so in a way that is different than other sites. Lauren talks about the personal aspects of being a military family- her experiences, and the ups and downs military life brings- through her eyes. She gives tips and tricks on organization, frugal shopping, and recipe ideas. Lauren’s philosophy is that, “if our households are run well, it gives us the time and freedom to…nurture our families and support our [spouses].”

Fit Foodie Mom


Darcy Peters

Darcy has an advantage as a milblogger- she has experience as both a milspouse and a service member! She was a Combat Engineer in the Marine Corps until she resigned her commission in 2012 due to her husband’s medical discharge from a Traumatic Brain Injury. After Darcy had her second child, she decided to launch her blog to help other families, military or not, share new ideas and information on fitness, food, and parenting. In addition to her growing family and Fit Foodie mom, Darcy is also group fitness instructor and she is launching her own small business for moms in the Northern Colorado area called Fit4Mom Front Range.

Although Darcy’s focus is not solely on military families, every piece she posts is applicable the military community. Her fitness posts mostly come from her training as a Marine, her parenting tips are things that all military families can use, and her food ideas include time-saving meals and tips which is helpful to any military family whose life is constantly on a pendulum dictated by their Command!


 Each of these women bring something important to the military community whether it be resources, experiences, and/or ideas to help them get through the stresses of military life. I asked each of them why they thought it was important to have non-government sanctioned resources like personal blogs and websites out there for military families and they each said the same thing- the government is focused first and foremost on the service members, which is great, but families need real-life experiences to help them know they are not alone in this crazy journey of military life. The best way to get through the tough times is to stay positive and stay connected, and using resources like the ones Kristine, Lauren, and Darcy provide is a great way to do just that!


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