Easy Summer Cool-Down Recipes

Once a week (or every other week) one of my girlfriends and I get together to watch junk TV or browse Pinterest or just talk. It’s chill time that we all need – away from kiddos and husbands. We always have a small munchie and a cocktail and today I want to share two of my favorites!


Yummy Feta Dip


Feta Cheese (your preference on amount)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I have even used a lemon-infused EVOO that was good!)

Green Onions (chopped)

1 Tomato – diced (or a can of diced tomatoes if you are in a rush!)

Salt & Pepper

Greek Seasoning

Crisp French Bread

-This dip is super easy and people ask me to bring it to parties and get-togethers all of the time! It takes minutes to make and will always be gone fast!

-Choose a platter that has a bit of a depth to it and pour in your EVOO until it lightly covers the bottom.

-Next, sprinkle on your Green Onions and then Tomatoes, spreading them out over the platter.

-Sprinkle the Feta on top (I love feta cheese and use a bunch!)

-Finally, sprinkle on the Greek Seasoning and dash Salt & Pepper to taste.

-With a spoon, lightly mix the ingredients together, just folding them into each other.


Slice your French Bread into think slices so that it is easy to fold and grab the dip between the bread. ENJOY!



Girlfriends’ Raspberry Punch

This cocktail is one of my favorites! It’s light and refreshing and the perfect drink for a summer evening. And it has raspberries in it so it’s good for you … right?


Bottle of your favorite Chardonnay

Bottle of your favorite Moscato

Lemon-lime Soda

Fresh Raspberries

Raspberry-Lemonade Frozen Concentrate (somewhat thawed)


Grab your favorite pitcher and pour in your Wines and Lemon-Lime Soda.

-Next, mix in the Frozen Concentrate, stirring well.

-Add a handful of Raspberries, smashing them slightly before placing them in.

-Chill in your fridge for one to two hours.


Serve by adding in remaining Raspberries to the glasses (or mason jars!). Sit back with a friend, sip and enjoy!



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