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Wedding Guest Etiquette


Summer’s here ya’ll bringin’ with it good stuff; picnics, county fairs, barbecues, fireworks and the one thing ya’ll might dread as much as I do- weddings!  I swear ya’ll I don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s June cause my ol‘ mailbox has more weddin‘ invites than Carters has pills.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good weddin‘ but these days even the guests are becomin’ Bridezillas!  Here’s everything ya’ll need to know about bein’ a good weddin’ guest!


Invitations are the bride and grooms way of sayin‘, “Hey ya’ll, this here is our special day and we’d love to have ya come.  Here’s all the details- so pay attention now.  We wanna celebrate with ya, but ya gotta tell us if yer comin’!”  Nothin‘ burns my biscuits more than a horse’s patooty too rude or ain’t got the sense he was born with to RSVP.  A weddin’ is a celebration that costs money, the bride an’ groom gotta know how many meals to buy, if the venue will hold ya, and if they give ya party favors how many they’re gonna need.  Most details of a weddin’ revolve around how many guests will be there.  So RSVP ahead of the deadline and if it changes, let ‘em know sooner rather than later!


Being a happily married woman I’ve got me a built in plus one, but some folk ain’t got a plus one. My single girlfriends suggest that if the invite allows you a plus one, add ‘em on if ya’ll have been datin’ for longer than three months, but ask ‘em first.  The other issue is children- I got four to worry about, and I wouldn’t wish my bored youngins’ on any bride!  Keep that in mind when ya RSVP, if it ain’t a family weddin’ don’t bring yer family. Nothin’ is worse than a screamin’ baby at a weddin’ or a tantrum from toddler who’s teethin’.  Not to mention there is a special code in an invitation that means leave the youngins’ at home.  The code includes words like; alcohol will be served, formal meal will be provided, formal dress requested, and on the envelop if it says Mr. and Mrs. Military instead of the Military family, kids probably ain’t welcome.


I realize that a lot of young people are gonna take one look at this and glance over it thinkin’ I’m an old lady who don’t know nothin’ about fashion.  Well a weddin’ ain’t a fashion show ya’ll!  Remember it’s the bride’s day, so avoid wearin’ all white, the weddin’ colors, or somethin’ more fancy than her dress.  Also keep in mind that God saw it when he made it, ya’ll don’t need to share it with anybody at church.  Keep yerself covered up in the house of the Lord, save yer hoochie momma clothes for the clubs.  If it’s a non-traditional ceremony the invite will tell ya how to dress, and if in doubt ask the parents or someone close to the bride and groom. Clues on how to dress can come from stuff the invite tells ya; time of day- later in the evening the more formal ya’ll should dress, location- indoor or outdoor- indoor more formal than outdoor, always avoid jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.  I always say to my kids, it’s better to be over dressed than nekked!


Ya’ll… put yer dang phones away!  Remember how they ask ya’ll to silence yer cell phones in the movies, well this is LIVE!  Nothin’ more annoyin’ than somebody gettin’ a call durin’ a weddin’ or worse answerin’ the call durin’ the ceremony!  If yer that important, put it on vibrate and leave the ceremony before answerin’.  Same goes for takin’ photos in the ceremony.  My cousin is a professional photographer, she gets paid to take photos ya’ll, yer cell phone photos ain’t gonna cut it.  Yer just gonna be in the way and yer flash is gonna ruin the photos the bride has paid for someone to take! If ya want a special photo of the weddin’ ask the photographer to take it and pay for it like everyone else.


Best thing to remember about gifts ya’ll is that it’s safest to buy from the bridal registry or give a check.  Spend within yer budget and give a gift receipt graciously.  Chances are good that yer gift might be a duplicate, so a gift receipt can come in handy.  Not all brides are as rude as this couple;–abc-news-health.html

Just remember ya’ll a weddin’ is a joyous occasion and as a guest it’s part of yer gift to make it that way!


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