The Candy Stealer

trick-or-tweet-which-halloween-candy-wins-social-media-infographic--e5ecbaa92bI’m a huge believer in care packages, ask my husband. I think he received one care package every week, filled to the rim with candy, for the entire time he was deployed. His family sent a bunch, as well as friends. Needless to say, he was the Marine you would go to if you were looking for some candy. I believe he said he had three drawers dedicated to junk food and everyday he had Marines come knock on his door asking for candy. Aside from my husband being a huge candy fan, I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t. It’s my weakness. Candy in our house does not last. Whenever I buy candy I hide it from my husband so that I get to indulge in it. It’s that bad.

When my husband deployed, as mentioned above, I overdid it with care packages and mailed him packages every week. When I would purchase candy for him, I made sure I grabbed some candy for myself. So, every night after dinner, I would treat myself with some yummy Laffy Taffy or some delicious Milkduds; except one evening.

This one evening, after dinner, I was in dire need of something sweet. Unfortunately, I was out of candy. I looked in my freezer to see if I had ice-cream, not a scoop. I didn’t feel like leaving the house it was at that moment I realized something, I had my husband’s candy stash for his care package. I crept upstairs slowly, as if the candy knew I was up to something. I opened the door to my home office – where I would stash the candy and prepare his care packages – and there it was, his care package filled with candy saying, “Ines, take me!” I stopped myself from even thinking about taking some candy, but this sweet tooth was getting out of control. So, like a crazed maniac, I went to the box grabbed the first bag in sight, ran out, opened the bag and started eating away at the candy. I ate to the point where the candy made me sick, my husband says that was karma for stealing his candy, then I began to laugh hysterically to the point where tears were streaming down my face. I then said to myself, “Did I really just take his candy from his care package while he’s deployed?” Yes I did.

After I recovered from my sugar coma, I started to feel bad that I had just eaten candy from my husband’s unsent care package. The following morning I bought him a bigger bag of candy to replace the one I ate (and made sure I bought myself some) and emailed him letting him know what I had done. Of course, my husband laughed about it and, to this day, he still tries to make me feel guilty for eating his candy.


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