Making What’s Important to Mothers; A Mother’s Day Craft
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Making What’s Important to Mothers; A Mother’s Day Craft

As Mother’s Day approached I felt a little more emotional than usual.  This year I won’t be with my mom.  It’s one of the first years I won’t be with her to celebrate either on or around the holiday.  Every mom (including myself) says that its not about the gifts.  I know that my mom would trade all the gifts in the world to be with us.  It’s the little things in life that mean more than boxes wrapped with bows, but I think even the best of us forget that.  Hanging in my mom’s house are two things that help me to remember that it isn’t the bells and whistles that moms remember and talk about.  It’s the simple, sweet, little things that affect moms the most.

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

We found these little cards in my grandmother’s things after she passed.  They’re nothing super fancy or extravagant.  The cards are simple, sweet, little gifts that my grandmother had given to her mom, my great-great grandmother.  The one with the silhouette was made when my grandmother was about ten.  The other card was given sometime after she married my grandfather in 1952, but before they had my uncle.  My grandmother was sentimental in the same way as my great-great grandmother, and now it’s passed onto my mother and I.


Saved among the things we found were sweet little drawings and school papers, homemade cards and gifts.  As a mom of three little ones myself, hoards of papers pass through my home.  Between Awana, school and Sunday School I feel like I’ve led to the destruction of a small forest.  When my children make something for me it touches a special place in my heart.  Getting your children involved in homemade gifts is good for their tiny spirits as well.  A sense of accomplishment, encouraging creativity, teaching them the value of personal sentiment instead of worldly things are all wonderful lessons to be learned.


This year we’re making some handprint art for my mom, and if you’re looking for some ideas for some handmade gifts handprint art is a great place to start.  Here are some of my favorite ones, but there are so many ideas on Pinterest and one of my favorite blogs,


Handprint and Footprint Art for Kids.

Flower Pot handprint art

Daddy and Child Handprint

Handprint mason jar vase




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