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Uncle Clyde’s Sweet Tea Recipe

If ya’ll are as big of fans as I am of Duck Dynasty, then ya’ll are in love with Uncle Si Robertson.  Now that man there knows how to drink him some sweet tea!  I ain’t never seen that man without his Tupperware tea cup in his hand, with some sweet tea in it!  He reminds me of my good ol’ Uncle Clyde, who loved his sweet tea too!  That man would come up North to visit SGM Martha and I when we was first married, to take us out for supper.  He’d be askin’ the waitress, “Darlin’, ya got yerself any sweet tea ‘round here?”

The answer would be- “no, but we’ve got some sugar you can add to your tea, sir.”

Then Uncle Clyde would get all red from his chin to his bald head, he’d say, “Well then I got ya some Mone-o-poly money I can pay ya with! Bring me a Coke-cola instead, bless yer heart.”

That man was mighty particular ‘bout his sweet tea, and I usually had it on hand whenever he’d come for a visit.  In fact ya’ll I’m sittin’ right here with a big ol’ Mason jar full o’ sweet tea!  Its so easy to make ya’ll- you’ll have it done in two shakes of a lambs tail!

This here is a recipe for makin’ a gallon o’ sweet tea.



Start out with 3 family size tea bags (or 6 regular tea bags) I can’t find no Luzianne tea bags most places we done lived so I converted over to Lipton- don’t tell my people! Or as Uncle Si Robertson would tell ya- “I gotta work with what I got, its called improv-isavation”

Now bring to a boil about 3 cups of water and 2-3 large scoops of sugar- I figure it’s about 3 measured 1/4 cups in the end.



Make sure that sugar water dissolves, which means yer fixin’ to stir until it comes to a boil.  Once it’s a rollin’ boil, steep yer tea bags it- be sure to cut off the gas though, don’t want burnt tea! Let those tea bags steep in that boilin’ water for about 5-10 minutes… longer fer darker tea.





Take that sugar water and tea, pour it in yer gallon pitcher.  At this point some folks ‘ll add a pinch of bakin’ soda… just cause… don’t figure it hurts or helps it either way.  I never done it- but some folks swear by it.  Ya’ll can decide for yerselves! Then pour cold water over it all for a full pitcher.





I let my tea re-fridger-ate for about an hour ta get nice and chilled, then I pour it o’er ice in a mason jar, drink it on a hot summer day, a cold winter day and sometimes fer breakfast!  In fact I’d say I might have Uncle Clyde and Uncle Si beat for drinkin’ so much sweet tea!  Of course there’d be some draw backs to it- as Uncle Si will tell all ya’all- “For someone who travels with a gallon of tea…I’ve got to make a lot of pit stops” so keep that to mind as well!  Of course if ya’ll are like me, there ain’t nothin’ finer than sittin’ on the porch with a big ol’ glass of sweet tea, talkin’ about the Lord and sharin’ a little gossip with a good friend.  So next time ya’ll are nearby- give me a call and stop on in!  I got the tea all chilled!




2 thoughts on “Uncle Clyde’s Sweet Tea Recipe”

  1. Yup me and my Bubba Keg-O-sweet tea everyday…morning, noon and night I'm never without my bubba keg w/ ice!

  2. This cracks me up! Haha!
    The real reason behind the baking soda: it makes the tea less cloudy. It does nothing for the taste (unless you add too much in…then it completely ruins it haha!)

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