Easy DIY Melted Crayon Valentines

Easy DIY Melted Crayon Valentines

I always have grandiose visions of myself being that mom who bakes all kinds of yummy treats and makes all the cool crafts for each holiday…and then reality sets in. I am usually scrambling last minute to get teacher gifts, birthday presents or whatever Valentine’s Day cards are left on the store shelves.

The finished look!

Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart I am not, but a few years ago I discovered a fun DIY Valentine’s Day craft that allows me to pretend that I am – Melted Crayon Valentine’s. Easy enough to throw together at the last minute but adorable enough to make it look like you are anything but a frazzled mom (like myself)! And the best part? The kids can help!

Crayola crayons work best for this project, but really any crayon will do. This is the perfect way use up all of the broken crayon pieces or the restaurant freebies that are always lying around!

All you need for these simple Valentine’s Day cards are:

–        Crayons in a variety of colors

–        Knife

–        Heart Shaped Silicone Muffins Cups (Any shape will work, but hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Days! You can also use a metal muffin tin, but the silicon trays make it much easier for popping out the finished product)

–        Construction Paper cut into various shapes (heart, circle, etc.)

–        Tape (or double sided foam mounting strips)

–        Marker

Preheat your oven to 250°.

While the oven is warming, peel off the paper wrappings (this is best done by adorable little helpers). After all of the paper has been removed, break the crayons into small pieces. I ended up using a knife to cut the pieces into smaller bits.


Next fill the silicon molds (or muffin tins) with the broken crayon pieces. You can fill them by color, or in the interest of time you can do as I did and just fill them randomly! Either way they will turn out great!

Place pieces into tin
Place pieces into tin

Place the filled silicon molds or muffin tin on a tray for easier handling and then put in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Check after 10 minutes and pull the tray out when all of the crayon pieces have melted.

Place into oven to melt
Place into oven to melt


Once completely cool, pop the crayons out of the molds. Smooth any rough edges by rubbing gently on a piece of paper. Attach each heart crayon with tape (or foam mounting strips) to a cut-out construction paper shape. Write a fun message with marker on each shape to complete the cards. We wrote “Valentine, You Color My World!”

All done and cooled off!
All done and cooled off!

That’s it! Cute, simple and quick! The perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your little one and all of their friends!


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