ResolutionsResolutions. It can be one of the most dreaded words when your resolution for the New Year has gone completely down the toilet.

The New Year has arrived and resolutions start crowding your mind, “This year, I’m going to loose weight.”, “This year, I’m going read one book a week.”, “This year, I’m going to shop less.” and the list goes on. You start organizing your life based on your resolutions. You sign up for a gym membership, get a list of highly intriguing books, you resist the urge to go into your favorite store to try on that darling dress you saw in the window. For the first month, you do absolutely amazing in keeping your resolutions. Then, you are way too busy to go to the gym or its too cold to leave the house. Reading? Well, this past week you weren’t in a reading mood. The urge to resist slapped you in the face, because you went into your favorite store, tried on that dress and thought it looked too good on you not to get it.  By the end of the second month, your resolutions are down the drain.

Why does this always happen? Why is that every year we are determined to make resolutions and at the same time break them because of excuses we make up?

A great idea to prevent this is to start small instead of having a million resolutions to comply with. For instance, my resolution this year is to be more positive about things. That’s it. That way, I can solely focus on one thing rather than my attention being put on the twenty other items on my resolution list.

So, for instance, you decided to take on exercising as part of your resolution. Perfect! But instead of going out and getting a gym membership, ever thought about working out from home on your Wii or XBox or getting a gym buddy? Nothing motivates you more to exercise than having someone else to go along with you. Working out from home gives you no excuse not to exercise, even if it’s freezing outside.

Start your resolution small and plan it out. Don’t pile endless items on your resolution list because you will feel overwhelmed and that will eventually not make you want to complete any of your goals. Finally, relax and breathe. It’s just a resolution.


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