Zombies Among Us?

Tired new momZombies seem to be everywhere in pop culture right now. Zombie movies, television shows, festivals, even on the news but who would’ve thought there were zombies walking among us who had gone largely unnoticed for decades?

Zombies with bags under their eyes, moving silently, even sleepily throughout their towns, Zombies in bathrobes, pajamas, wrinkled clothes, zombies wearing two different shoes with cheerios in their hair. Zombies driving cars, at restaurants, at the park, you might even know a few.

Yes, truly zombies are everywhere and we call them “moms”.

As a new mom I can attest to being zombie-fied. The lack of sleep you get at the beginning of your child’s life leaves no other alternative. Not only are you exhausted from the new baby’s sleeping schedule but then add in feedings every 1-2 hours, diaper changes about the same amount and the fact that you have no clue what you are doing, or at least that’s how I felt being a first time mom. Your world begins to feel like one giant loop of feeding, diaper changes and laundry, and then she smiles. Then she hugs you, she laughs at you, she reaches for you and you are done. You belong to her now and nothing matters but making her laugh or smile again.

I know for sure I have been zombie-fied when I actually get dressed, do my hair and put on a bit of make-up which causes my husband to almost fall over from shock. Yoga pants and a tank top have become my outfit of choice, not for style but for comfort and ease of removal. It’s funny when your outfit choices are dictated by how easy the shirt is to feed in, or how well it covers your ugly nursing bra and pants are more for comfort and how ok you are with them being covered in puke or something worse.

Along with the physical signs of zombification, disheveled look, mismatched outfits and of course the wonderful aroma of vomit you sport daily, there are also mental signs.

Take me for example. I burn everything. I burn toast, I burn food, I burn things I am steaming to make baby food out of. I even melted 4 pacifiers I was sterilizing to the bottom of a pan. Impressive, right?  I have forgotten the day, heck even what month it was once. I have left laundry in the machine for days only to have to wash it all again. I have left my wallet at home, loaded a cart with groceries at the supermarket and had to leave them there. And let’s not mention my poor, wonderful dogs that have had to pace in front of me some days to remind me to feed them.  Yup, full on zombie over here.

I am however an incredibly happy and fulfilled zombie. My daughter is my reason. She is my reason for all of this. I want to be the best mother I can possibly be and if that means two hours of sleep for me or no shower for a couple of days I am beyond ok with it. I am the lucky one. I get to be her mom. I get to play with her, hug her, love on her. I get to watch her grow, help her when she needs it, cheer for her, and be amazed by her.

Being a zombie mom does have it’s perks. When I am out with the baby people tend to stay out of my way, hold doors open for me, let me cut them in line, give me their shopping cart, all kinds of things. Plus, no one is really looking at you when you have your baby. It’s all about the cute little baby so who cares that you smell faintly like sour milk or that your t-shirt has dribble stains down the front.

So to all the moms out there who have been through it or are going through it now, know you are not alone. You are part of a secret club known as zombie-moms and when you see another past or present member (and recognize her you will) give her a nod and a smile, she won’t take offense to your odor, outfit or hair, she’s a zombie-mom and wouldn’t want it any other way.


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