Sodastream Review


I won’t lie, I was skeptical. After trying a sample at the 2012 BlogHer Expo this past August, I was still skeptical that this would deliver the fresh crisp soda taste I enjoy so much. I even made a promise that I would cut down on soda this year, but I simply enjoy it too much. So after being contacted by Sodastream, I thought I would give it a shot and bring the opportunity for HUN readers to won a system of their own.

My machine arrived nicely packaged with over 15 flavor samples, in which I still have not tasted them all, but looking forward in doing so! I was nervous that I would need my husband near by to assemble and read directions, but after looking at the simple color picture directions on the box, I knew how it worked. And before I knew it I had my first bottle of orange soda! How should I describe the taste? Have to ever had Fanta? Well I would say that the taste is very similar. Not too sweet, not flat, I had actually made soda, and I was excited. Another flavor that I love is the lemon-lime. It seriously does taste like Sprite, and probably my favorite flavor so far.

You literally are just making carbonated water or soft drinks, I simply used regular tap water. If you enjoy drinking sparkling water, you have it easily made in 30 seconds, just don’t add any of the flavor syrup. And you can fizz the soda to your liking, want it extra fizzy? Just push the button longer. I hate flat soda, so if the soda tastes flat, just re-fizz!

One thing that is nice, is not having to recycle all those soda cans or bottles. And I spend over 10 bucks a week on regular soda, it truly is safe for our pockets and environment!  So this is my personal opinion, I LOVE MY SODASTREAM! I can make my soda and place it in the fridge ready to drink whenever! I would love to share this great machine with ONE lucky HUN reader, be sure to enter!

To learn more about Sodastream, please visit their website here.

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