Real Tree vs. Fake Tree

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Photo Credit: Google Images

This year, due to a couple of issues, my husband and I have decided to spend Christmas at home, just the two of us. So now the question of decorations and Christmas trees has come up. You see, we may have been married for almost three years, but those first two years were spent  with family. Since we spent them away from home, my husband didn’t want to buy any Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree because he found it pointless if we weren’t going to be home to enjoy it. But don’t worry, I managed to sneak some decorations in!

This year, as we have made our way to Joann’s and Michael’s for Christmas decorations, the question of what kind of tree, real or fake, has come up. I remember growing up I had both. Depending where we lived, decided if we had a real of fake tree. I remember when I was little and we were living in the Czech Republic at the time, my parents bought a real tree. It was huge, at least in the mind of a child it was big. But I also remember my mom and dad cursing at the tree due to our dog always running under it and having to constantly clean beneath the tree every other hour. Then there was the fact that they had to water it and care for it; you know, the regular real tree ownership nuisances.

When they moved back to Spain, they purchased a fake tree, which was fine. You take it out of the box, you stretch it out, decorate it and then pack it back in the box. No mess, no fuss. But the fake tree lacked qualities that the real had. Also, some fake trees look so sad when you open them up. Sometimes you might say to yourself, that’s it?

So, now it’s up to my husband and I to decide which tree to get. If it’s a real tree, I’ll have my hands full, because let’s face it, I’ll be the one taking care of it. The fake tree is a “no mess, no fuss” kind of thing, and some ways even more appealing. There is also the last option, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We shall see.


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  1. Well if you decide on a fake tree I know that Lowes and some craft stores sell these scent sticks that you can place into the tree so that your fake tree can smell like the real deal. Growing up as a very young child I remember having real trees for Christmas but they were ALWAYS a hassel for my parents and I remember them making us, (the kids) climb under the tree to water it and having all the pines getting into our hair. And my parents always had the kids decorate the tree which I didn't mind I just hated spinning around and around to place the lights and getting dizzy. And if the lights didn't look even to me I would re-do them. I love my pre-lit Christmas trees because like you said no mess and no fuss. I personally will not get another real tree for a long time. Maybe one time once Sylar is older but that's it. Well I wish you and your husband all the luck in finding your Christmas tree.

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