Hickory Farms Home for the Holidays Gift Box Review


I am a meat and cheese person, I believe that no party is complete unless there is meat and cheese to nibble on. When I received this gift set I immediately wanted to share with friends and family. I knew it would be too yummy to keep all to myself, even though it was tempting to do so! 🙂

So this past weekend I decided to share with my family at my brothers birthday party. My brother-in-law cut up each item and placed it on a tray to serve as an appetizer, I quickly saw the swarm of people around the tray and just hoped that they had left me some to try, so that I could write this review! It was what I had expected, all those years of tasting Hickory Farms products, the memories of growing up and holiday parties all came back. Of course the new flavors of cheeses were tastier that I could have expected. It was the perfect combination of flavors and my favorite was the mixing and matching between cheeses. I don’t think there was a shortage of flavor in any one item, and the party guests felt the same way. One thing my husband mentioned was when he deploys next time, I better send him this box! Be sure to enter this great giveaway sponsored by Hickory Farms, whether you keep this for yourself, giveaway as a gift or share it at a party – you will love it!

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