DIY Christmas Gifts with Kids

DIY Christmas Gifts with Kids

When I was a little girl I remember my mom having my sister and I make these potholders that we painted to give to our family members.  It was a great way to get my sister and I involved in a Christmas gift. It has obviously created a lasting memory for me.  So getting my children involved in the holiday season is very important to me.  I want them to understand that this time of year is about giving to others, making others feel good.

The perfect way to help teach even the youngest child about giving to others is to involve them, literally, in the gift-giving experience.  My mom realized the importance of that, and two years ago I decided to do it with my children for the first time.

For this particular gift, we did handprint art. This is a fun and easy DIY gift, with just enough messiness that the kids will enjoy it. I’m so obsessed with it because it’s adorable and fun, and you can do almost anything with it – gifts, decorations, cards.  My go-to place for handprint art ideas is an awesome blogger Artsy Mama.  We chose to do a reusable tote bag for our gift because, like handprint art, it can be used for anything.

What you need:

  1. Reusable tote, apron, potholder, t-shirt or any other canvas
  2. Paint –The best is acrylic and/or fabric paint, depending on the canvas you are using.  It will obviously stay better and be washable without ruining art.  Now, this is the tricky part, this paint is not washable, so be careful when doing your project and wear play clothes.  The paint also dries more quickly on the hand.  Make sure whatever paint you use is non-toxic!
  3. A design to follow – check out the blog I mentioned above for inspiration


The rest is up to you!  I recently went to visit one of my relatives and on the back of my cousin’s door with her purse was the tote we made.  Definitely brought a smile to my face. It will be a treasured memory for you, your children, and those that receive it.



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