You’re Not Going to Vote, Huh?

There’s been a trend around the Internet lately that I’ve noticed and has boiled my blood a little. I’ve seen it on Facebook, on Twitter, and on blogs. I’ve heard it out on the streets, too. As the big E (that’s the election, by the way) gets closer and closer, I hear it louder and louder. People are saying, “I’m not going to vote. Why bother? I don’t even like either guy. I’m not going to vote. There’s no point. I’m not going to vote.”

So, you’re not going to vote, huh? You’re just going to sit back and let others make the tough decisions, I guess. Let others watch the debates, while you sit on Facebook reading the commentary. Don’t forget to add a status of your own letting everyone know that you don’t care, politics is dumb, and you’re not even going to bother to vote because it doesn’t matter anyway.

You’re not going to vote? You’re just going to brush aside the issues? Let someone else read up on the economy, on immigration, on foreign policy, on taxes, and so on and so on. I know, I get it, it’s all a bit confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to follow what one candidate says, what another votes on, and how you stand. There are big concepts to learn. But hey, someone else can do that. You have better things to do.

You’re not going to vote? That’s fine, that’s you’re right. That’s a beautiful thing about this country, that you can take a passive approach to this whole election and stay home instead of filling in a bubble at a polling station. You have the freedom to do as you choose.

But guess what? This isn’t the end. Next month, someone will be voted into countless different available positions, from the President on down to your local county, and these guys and gals will be making decisions on your behalf for the land you live in. These are your representatives.

This isn’t the end. In four more years, this will start all over again. You’ll hear it all over: the economy, the wars, Republican, Democrat, policies, taxes, this, that… it’s not going away.

You’re not going to vote, huh? I want you to step back from yourself and look at what a privilege it is for you to be able to vote. There are countries around the world just gaining this freedom, and what a freedom it is. Look at our own nation, that didn’t allow women to vote until this past century, or minorities were barred from participating. Look at how lucky you are.

So, I don’t care if you don’t like politics. Vote. I don’t care if you don’t like either candidate. Vote. I don’t care if you haven’t watched the debates or know the issues like the back of your hand. Vote. I don’t care if it’s easier to stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes, and hum a song. Vote.

If you don’t vote, you have no rights. Vote.


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