When You Leave

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A few weeks ago, I left on a week-long trip to visit my younger sister and her family. I hadn’t seen them since February during a vacation as we PCS’d to our new duty station, and it was time. I was hurting to see her and my niece, who is only two months older than my daughter.

With flight school keeping my husband back, I bought a ticket for myself with my daughter as a lap child. We were going to make the trip all by ourselves. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about the whole idea, since the last time I flew with my baby she was a little over two months, she had her own seat and car seat to sleep in, and my husband was flying with me. A nine month old all by myself? I could do it!

Flying solo with baby, I had other concerns before my big trip. I was leaving my husband for a whole week, after all. As a stay-at-home mom and wife, I consider the house my workplace, so the major responsibilities of cooking, cleaning and laundry fall on me. I have no problem with this, it’s just what I do. Yet I was leaving my husband in charge of the house and pets while I was gone, would he be up to the task?

I worried about what he would eat for dinner. He has a crazy schedule during flight school and that particular week that I was gone, he wouldn’t be home until eight o’clock at night. Would he have time to make food? I wanted to make sure he had easy meals to make, or defrost at least, and that he kept healthy while I was gone. We went shopping before I left, just so he would have some food.

I worried about the house cleaning and laundry. Granted, he wouldn’t have a baby making a mess everywhere, or two extra people with clothes to wash. I did have visions of a disaster when I got home, though.

I worried about the pets, and then I made sure to text him every day as a reminder to feed them and make sure they had water. Also, their emotional well-being. My poor dog missed me something terrible while I was gone!

I stopped worrying after a little while when I realized it really was only a week. Come on, now. This guy lived on his own for awhile and nothing fell apart or caught fire. Everyone survived. You survived without him all the time.

That’s just it though – it was usually him leaving me. How the tables have turned! This was the first time in our marriage when I was leaving him for a change. Before that it was field training, overnights at work, NTC, deployment… Never during these times did he worry about how the house will stay together, because he knew I could do it. That made me stop worrying about him so much. It was only a week, right?

And yep, everyone survived the trip!


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  1. This is so me! I’m like that too.
    Over the summer I went to visit family in NYC and I was constantly reminding DH of things that needed to be done and if he wanted me to leave him some homemade food in the freezer. He looked at me and said that he has lived alone before. I couldn’t stop, because at that point it hit me, I’m just like my mom. She does the same thing to me!!!

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