Pets: Why You Should Own a Pet

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I am a huge advocate that everybody should have a pet. I also understand that not everyone can have a pet. Aside from the not-so-fun-part of having to crate train them or clean out their cage, I swear, owning a pet is much more than that, trust me. For instance, my mother was one of nine and the only pet they had was a rabbit, whom I believed they had to “replaced” several times. My father, one of four, came from a family of dog owners. So, when my parents got married it wasn’t a surprise that my father not only got one dog, but two medium Schnauzers. As years passed my dad kept buying the same breed of dog and the tradition kept going with me. My husband and I bought a miniature Schnauzer.  As a child, we also had many other pets, to include: a cat, two turtles (named Donatello and Michelangelo) and three birds (one got eaten by the cat, the other died because it was accidentally fed parsley and the last one died of loneliness.) Pets are the best companions and will give you unconditional love no matter what.

Reasons as to why you should get a pet? 


–         When you have had a crappy day and you come home, the first thing to greet you is going to be this ball of energy who is so excited to see you. For those few minutes your mind has blocked out the crappy day due to that ball of energy.

–         Protection. When our spouses deploys, a sense of “protection” goes with them. Even though my miniature Schnauzer cannot defend me, she will definitely lick an intruder to the death, but she will sure as hell notify me of any strange noise. For instance, growing up my brother and I use to fight a lot, to the point that my dog did not like it and came to my defense by standing between my brother and I and protecting me.

–         Did you know that just by walking your dog once a day is not only good for your dog’s health, but also for yours?

–         Dog are great companions. When I was little my mom use to tell me that I would share my sandwich with my dog. She would tell me that our dog used to look at me so miserably as I ate the sandwich that I had no choice but to give her some of mine. Another anecdote, years ago my mother had a medical issue. When she was going through this medical issue my family dog would not leave her side at all.


–         Cats are known to detect if someone is about to have a stroke or a heart attack. How crazy-cool is that?

–         Cats are also known to keep insects and vermin away from the house. I have known cats who eat spiders, and who doesn’t want that instead of a big exterminator bill? 


–         Fish, there isn’t much to them, but you can always get an aquarium and have it look like Disney’s Nemo, except feeding them and cleaning the tank…that’s it. So, if you want something inexpensive to ease yourself into the pet ownership route, start of with something small like a fish.

–         Newts are also simple little creatures. I remember in college a good friend of mine got one and was very disappointed instructions didn’t come with it. Unfortunately, as we all laughed about it, she was being absolutely serious. Newts don’t require much instruction, just like fish, you have to clean the cage and feed them.


–         Who doesn’t like birds? Well, probably those people who can’t stand the chirpiness of them. If you think about them, just like fish, you have to clean the cage and feed them. Simple. As well, you always get a lovely melody to wake up to in the morning. Also, if you own a cat, make sure you keep it way clear from it.


–         Turtles are cool, you get to name them after The Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and they are very easy to care for. You can never go wrong with feeding them lettuce. As well, making sure it has good-sized box for it to rest in and be fed, that’s it.

My list can go one forever, but I wanted to point out some good reasons for owning a pet.  So, before you so “no” to having a pet, consider some of the above points. Consider something easy like a fish and then go from there. Don’t worry, its understandable to be wary about owning a pet. Yes, there are costs in having one, but the end reward will be worth it. Everybody should have a pet.


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  1. Gotta say I disagree pretty strongly with the opinion that everyone should own a pet. If my husband lived on his own and tried ownership of a pet, the poor thing would die within a short amount of time, due to lack of feeding/exercise. He just has far too much else he thinks about and is occupied with. The pet we have is mostly my responsibility. Occasionally my husband walks our dog, but not because he wants to. There are pet people, and there are people who can appreciate others who have pets and now and then enjoy their presence. I care far too much for animals and respect their right to have good care, not just barely adequate or downright neglectful care. Those who have very busy minds or busy lives (and usually both) should probably never graduate from the fish stage. And some of those shouldn't even try the fish. LOL

    I cannot, however, disagree with all the benefits having a pet brings to the owner's life. If you are of the temperament to properly, reliably, and lovingly care for an animal, you should, if at all possible. I can't imagine ever going back to life without a dog. I completely relate to that feeling of security mentioned. I get it every time I open my front door with my Great Dane by my side.

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