Halloween Must Haves

It is no secret to those that know me that I am a bit passionate about Halloween. There is just something about the cooler weather mixed with my unnatural love for frightening things that make this holiday my favorite of the year. With scarfs becoming an essential accessory and pumpkin making its way into practically everything, fall is in full swing. Now Halloween is around the corner, witches and goblins are making an appearance and kids are looking for those sweet treats. It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and I thought why not share some of my musts during this festive season.

Halloween Décor

Get out the spider webs and hang those beware signs. Nothing says Halloween more than spooky Halloween décor. Whether you live in a small 970 square foot apartment *raise hand* or a grand house to fit your lovely family of five, decorating your home is a sure way to get you into the Halloween spirit. Within no time you will be blaring Thriller through your stereo, while desperately trying to mimic those famous dance moves. For this year’s décor I decided to get a little crafty with candles for an ominous look. And perhaps went a little too crazy with the spider webs.



To go along with décor, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a Jack-O-Lantern. Grab those wagons and head to the nearest pumpkin patch with the family to start your fall season off right. Running around in hay fields finding the perfect pumpkin with Dad was always a fond memory of mine as a child. And once we were home, with Halloween tunes like The Monster Mash playing in the background, we carved that ever so famous face into our pumpkin together. Now-a-days you can practically carve the Mona Lisa into a pumpkin with provided stencils, but I still prefer the old school “Jack”. He is a symbol for Halloween glee.

Horror Classics

“Look out behind you!!” You can’t fully feel the Halloween spirit without some scary movies. Thrillers such has Halloween, Friday the 13th and Scream are just a few of those horror classics. No matter how many times you have yelled at Laurie to not go upstairs, or screamed “he’s not dead yet!” these films always seem to get your heart racing. A personal favorite of mine is the 1978’s Halloween. Michael Myers’ haunted masked face and his tragic past set him up as one of the scariest villains of all time. Still, with new aged horror films highlighting demonic possessions and zombie apocalypses, the movie Halloween cannot be touch.

However, if you are not huge on horror films or gore there are the tamer, yet still spooky classics like Hocus Pocus.  There is not a year that goes by where I don’t watch the Salem sisters make amok out of themselves in this must have Halloween flick. And yes, I can recite the entire movie. 

Trick-or-Treat Prep

“I want to be a princess! No wait a Power Ranger! How about a Zombie Princess who turns into a Power Ranger?” As a child this was the most exciting time of the season. Deciding who or what to dress up as for the night while picking out every essential piece to your well thought out costume was an event in itself. But now as an adult the joy is in helping your little ones get creative with costumes and watching their faces light up when applying face paint. But even more thrilling is the purchasing of candy; in bulk. Packages now are full of all your favorites like Snickers, Kit Kats and Reese Cups. Just remember to buy what you enjoy most, because odds are you might have left over candy.  Unless you live on base. Then you just might want to buy more than usual because you are about to get robbed of candy by hundreds of little kids.

Halloween Events

Walking through a dark narrow corridor, music pumping loud. The sound of a distance scream makes you jump as your adrenaline and heart rate rise. BOO! Halloween is never complete without a visit to some sort of terror filled event. Whether it be a small local haunted house, a spooky hay ride through a desolate corn field or a visit to Universal’s Halloween Horror Night, get into the spirit of fright with some heart pumping excitement. However, for those who have little ones or are just too afraid of a little terror, there are events that cater to a tamer crowd. For example Sea World’s Halloween Spookacular is a great way to enjoy the Halloween season with your children.

And there you have it. My must haves during the Halloween season. Now get cracking on your Halloween musts before it’s too late. Halloween is sure to be swallowed whole by Christmas cheer soon, if it hasn’t already.


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