Flu Shots: What Does TRICARE Cover (and Where)?

Did you know that nine out of 10 healthy people who get a flu shot, don’t get the flu?

It’s true, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Flu vaccinations are a TRICARE-covered benefit. Have you gotten yours, yet?

[Learn where to get your flu shot, based on your TRICARE plan.]

Don’t Forget to Vaccinate Your Kids (here’s why)!


1 thought on “Flu Shots: What Does TRICARE Cover (and Where)?”

  1. We don’t vaccinate for anything much less the flu. It’s funny that between myself, my child, and my active duty vaccinated husband he is the only one that is constantly sick all the time. He has had pneumonia every year since joining the service and getting up to date on vaccinations.

    The flu shot has never been safely tested on children or pregnant women. Did you know that the flu shot is linked to a 700 percent increase in miscarriage and still birth if given to a pregnant woman? In addition to mercury the flu shot contains aluminum, antifreeze, carbonic acid, disinfectants, and spermicides…… Educate before you vaccinate.

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