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If you have children or watch PBS, you might have seen the commercials for, Early Learning Academy.  I was assuming it was some kind of online educational gaming program for kids.  Truthfully, I was expecting it to be just like the many others that I have had the pleasure of trying.  ABCMouse was so much more than that.  On top of being the recipient of the Parents Choice Gold Award 2011 and the Teacher’s Choice 2012, it is by far the most comprehensive online curriculum.  Yes, it truly is more like a full curriculum for your child then simply online games that are educational. 

There was a long time in my life when the path that I was on was teaching.  Through the craziness of life I ended up changing my major but not before I spent a significant amount of time learning about teaching children.  Last year I began teaching my oldest son, who is now in Kindergarten at public school, at home.  I used a fairly comprehensive Pre-k/K curriculum.  ABC Mouse is as good as any of the books and packets that I spent hours researching and ordering, online.  It’s all in one place, put together in a way that is perfectly designed for children of all ages and abilities.  There are so many different options for your learning, different ways to learn, activities, more structured vs. non-structured.  My almost four year old has been all consumed with decorating her own classroom, and the fish tank in it, with the prizes she has won on her completed lessons. 

With her somewhat limited computer experience, after only a short while of me assisting her, she was been able to navigate the program by herself fairly easily.  The prompts and interactive conversations are easy to understand and really assist the child in moving on in their lessons.  I also really like that within the set curriculum for your child (based on their age), you have the ability to set the difficulty level for a particular lesson.  One example of this is the lessons that include puzzles.  Within the preschool lesson you can raise the difficulty level for that puzzle and then go back to the standard difficulty level after you complete the puzzle.  There are books that the kids read that show them the order you read the words, and are repetitive with sounds and letters.  The lessons also include painting by numbers, counting games, matching and learning about animals. 

ABC Mouse, Early Learning Academy is a wonderful program that I would recommend to anyone looking for an extensive online learning program for their children.  Children as small as 2 or 3 can also participate in the Toddle Time activities, so that if you are purchasing this for an older child it will definitely get good use in your own.  I will be honest and say that it isn’t cheap.  For a year it will cost you around $80, two years will cost you $99.  These prices are for a limited time so if you are interested in this program I would jump on it.  I’m a pretty cheap person and I could see myself renewing this program.  There were also several reviews from teachers that have been using this program in the classroom.  If your school is looking for some computer learning programs for their preschool or kindergarten I would recommend ABC Mouse.  If I learned that my child was using this in his school it would really make me happy to know that such a good program was being used to aid in my child’s learning.  So go and check out for yourself and head over to sign up for your free-trial today.

*This review is the sole opinion of the author after trying ABCmouse as a trial. The HUN was not compensated for writing this review, with the exception of receiving a free trial period of this program*


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