The Vintage Pearl: Review

The Vintage Pearl began as a creative outlet for a stay at home mom that eventually budded into an online store, and now has a retail studio. The studio is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and specializes in creating meaningful and unique hand stamped jewelry and keepsakes. Each piece of jewelry they create is hand crafted from start to finish using raw sterling silver, freshwater pearls and birthstone crystals. Each letter is individually stamped by hand and every piece of jewelry they create is one-of-a-kind. There are several different fonts and chains to choose from, tons of different additional trinkets, and personalized wording; with each of these options the possibilities are endless on the beautiful jewelry you can create.

Their website is fantastic and so easy to navigate. The website is broken down by sections to make it easier to find the perfect handmade beauty for your loved ones. You can search simple, unique, or vintage necklaces, as well as men’s, bracelets, keepsakes, ready to ship items and a la carte. Once you find the selection of jewelry that fits your needs they have made it super easy to personalize with texts boxes for you to write exactly what you want your item to say, drop boxes to pick the fonts, and drop boxes to pick the chain that would best suit your needs. Check out and shipping was both so simple, and easy to follow as well.

I was given the opportunity to pick out a beautiful, personalized piece of jewelry to review their product and company. I chose the simple hand stamped, gold and silver layers necklace. I was able to pick the wording that I wanted on each layer, the font, and the chain I wanted for my necklace. I received my jewelry quickly, and it came with a cleaning cloth. I was very happy with the service I received and absolutely adore my new beautiful, personalized necklace. I would recommend that anyone looking for a special, unique, and meaningful gift that will be cherished and last a lifetime for someone you love, check out The Vintage Pearl.

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