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I was given the opportunity to review the book Piper Reed Forever Friends by Kimberly Willis Holt this month. Kimberly Willis Holt was a military brat herself and writes different children’s book that are inspired by some of her own childhood adventures. She covers an array of children’s topics, but feels dedicated to the coming of age story, stories that explore that moment when a young person has to make an adult decision.

Piper Reed Forever Friend is the 6th and final book of the Piper Reed book series. The first book, Piper Reed Navy Brat introduces us to Piper Reed, a spunky, unique, and imaginative 9 year old who is the daughter of a Navy Chief and middle daughter of three girls. The series follows the Reed family through their Navy adventures and moves. Piper Reed Forever Friends starts up with the Reed family gearing up to say their good-byes to their friends as they prepare to load up and move from Pensacola, FL to Norfolk, VA. The book follows all of Pipers excitement and hopes for the big move, and the lists of things Piper is looking forward to in Virginia. When she arrives she ends up a little disappointed, but after making friends with Arizona and changing her expectations a little, she ends up finding out she really likes her new home and the new hobbies she takes up with her friends –bowling, stamp collecting, and skateboarding!

The Piper Reed series are chapter books, but they are kid friendly. I would think that second or third graders could read them on their own because of the colorful and kid friendly language. I have a 2 year old, and decided to read the book out loud to her at night before bedtime, and let me tell you, she LOVED it! She would get so excited every night to snuggle up and read it together. I really liked the book because there were some pictures throughout which helped our imagination get an idea of what was going on. What I liked even more about this book was that you could tell that there was passion put into it by the writer, not only to tell a great story, but to teach our children in a friendly, safe, and appropriate way about the feelings and events that take place in big military moves. I appreciated the author’s honesty and gentleness for the situation that came out through the story.

I without a doubt give the Piper Reed Forever Friends book five out of five stars, and plan to buy the whole Piper Reed Series for our kids! If you are a military family looking to explain military life in a fun and safe way, I definitely recommend these books. However, even if you are just looking for a fun read, Piper Reed is sure not to disappoint with all the action packed adventures she takes you on!

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