Let’s Take a Stay-Cation!

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Being a part of the military family, we all understand how frustrating it can be to plan a small vacation out of town. On top of the ordinary stresses of packing up your family and making countless reservations, we go through the hassle of possible last minute work or duty schedules as well as waiting for leave approval. To avoid the unpredictability of whether a vacation outside of the state is possible or not, I enjoy the simplicity of taking stay-cations.

What is a stay-cation, you may ask? Or how does one take a stay-cation? Sit tight, because I got you covered. Stay-cations are vacations taken in a city, town or neighboring area in which you live. Luckily for my husband and I, we live in San Diego County. San Diego or Southern California in general, has a great deal to offer its residents. Beautiful landscapes, temperate weather, delicious food and exciting nightlife are just a few of its appeals. When a long weekend is presented, my husband and I take advantage of it and use the opportunity to explore more of our surrounding areas. It is a great way to spend a free weekend with your family discovering a town you have been willingly or unwillingly relocated to.

First, you must establish what it is you are looking to do, or explore on your stay-cation . Whether it be finding natural landscapes, checking out local landmarks, learning more about history, or just enjoying a relaxing getaway with family appreciating local cuisine and perhaps an abundance of spirited drinks, find your purpose for your stay-cations. On more than one occasion, my husband and I relish in the beauty of the beaches in Southern California. Some of our favorite destinations are Coronado, Point Loma and La Jolla Cove. All these areas offer incredible scenic views of the pacific coast, rich with wildlife. However, we also like to learn more about the city in which are now calling home. Old Town San Diego has enriched us with history through historic landmarks and shops. Because of this we have come to appreciate the culture and foundation San Diego has been built upon.

After establishing the purpose of your stay-cation, you need to find appropriate accommodations. If you live in a large city like San Diego, prices can be steep. Unfortunately for my husband, I enjoy the luxury of a downtown hotel close to great restaurants and nightlife. But there are other options for your getaway. Try Bed and Breakfasts or weekend rentals, especially if your stay-cation is to the beach. Either way a stay-cation is not a stay-cation without you leaving the confines of your home for a night or two.

The next step is to be a tourist for a day in your own town. Tote that camera around your neck and do as the tourist would do! If there is a theme park in your town, book tickets. If there is a beach, buy a beach umbrella and some spf 50. Or on the off chance you live near Darwin, Minnesota check out the largest ball of twine. Whatever it may be, find that something that will take you out of the comfort of being a local, and explore your city as a vacationer. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in the desserts of Twentynine Palms, there is always something to do.

My husband and I like to spend a lot of time getting to know the town we live in. Through stay-cations we are able to fully enjoy all our temporary home has to offer us. Whether it was a spontaneous idea, or one we have had planned for a while, stay-cations have been some of my favorite adventures with my husband. It allows us to appreciate where the military sends us, while getting away without the hassle of leave paperwork. Now get out there and explore your surroundings while taking a much needed getaway with your family.



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