Going Back to School –Military Wife/Life Style

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Deciding to further your education can sometimes be a difficult step to take, but when you add the pressures of the military life style it’s a whole different ballgame. I had a hard time continuing to move forward with my education because of this life style – it’s difficult. You don’t stay in the same place for long so you have to make sure you pick a school that either moves with you or is generic and transfers well. You also have to consider the incredibly unreliable schedules our service members endure and having to bear the responsibility of taking over their tasks at home while still managing ours. Going back to school or continuing in school is a big decision in any circumstance, especially in military life, but I made it.

I made the decision to continue my education after my husband, who’s in the Navy, and I got married because I wanted something bigger and better for myself. After I got pregnant earlier than we had planned I was scared, we weren’t supposed to start a family until after I finished school.  I made the decision to push through anyway, and then the baby came, and it made me realize why I wanted to work so hard –to be an example for my little girl. Shortly after my daughter was born we made a big move from coast to coast while my husband was deployed, and trying to focus on school was rough, but I pushed through.

A short time after arriving on the East Coast and my husband returned home, we found out we were pregnant again, going to school while pregnant and caring for a toddler was hard, but I continued to push through. I am now the mother of a three month old and a 2 year old, and my days are full, which makes school difficult but you see I made a decision, a commitment, to myself and to my family and to my God to complete my degree and move forward to serve the community and to be an example to my girls. And now, I can proudly say, I am almost done! I am beginning the last of my 10 classes in a few shorts weeks.

While going back to school isn’t an easy decision, if you make it, you will never regret it. Even in military life, with the constant changing, moving, and unreliable schedules –you can do it. Pick something that matters to you, find a school that best meets your needs, and ask your family to support you. Make a schedule and use your time accordingly so that you get everything done. Decide what your goal and end result is, write it down, and when times get tough go and read it so that it helps you push through your hard times. But most of all, be proud of yourself because you’ve made a big commitment, here’s to the rest of your life. Go chase your dreams!


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