FREE Name Brand Kids Clothes with FREE shipping!! (No Credit Card Required!!)


Here is an AWESOME deal that you will want to check out! Right now you can get FREE Children’s Clothing! You will need NO credit Card to snag this AWESOME Freebie! All you have to do is join Thred Up (free to sign up) and you will get a FREE $10 credit and it can be used towards shipping so you will be able to snag FREE clothing for the kiddos! Just find something that is $3.75 or under (which there is a TON of) and then use the  coupon code AUGUST20 (which will take off 20%) and then your FREE $10 your credit will cover the cost of the item and the shipping!!  There is NO credit Card required for purchase either!!

Here are some of the AWESOME deals I found!!! All would be FREE after your FREE $10 Credit!!

Hurry and get your FREE $10 Credit and snag some free clothes!




Thanks MidgetMomma 


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