Army Wives Season 6 Episode 19 Recap – “Centennial”

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At the close of the last episode of Lifetime’s Army Wives, fans were transported months into the future where Roxy (Sally Pressman) goes into labor, an unwelcomed guest appears on Gloria’s (Alyssa Diaz) front steps and the entire Army post is gearing up for its centennial celebration. With a two week wait between “Baby Steps” and “Centennial” fans of the show were undoubtedly on the edge of their seats for every moment of the newest episode.

Let’s start with the LeBlanc’s. Roxy, who went into labor at the close of “Baby Steps”, delivers with no difficulty one perfectly healthy baby boy; moments later she is wheeled into the operating room to have an emergency C-section to try and save the other twin who is in distress. When the second boy is delivered the doctors find him blue, limp and with the cord wrapped around his neck. As time passes the doctors are able to save Drew, the second twin, though Roxy and Trevor (Drew Fuller) are forced to leave him in the NICU when they return home with Wyatt, the healthy baby.

In other baby news after Penny, Hector’s (Joseph Julian Soria) one night stand, shows up pregnant on their front step Gloria forces Hector to have a paternity test done. When the truth is revealed that Hector is in fact the father of Penny’s unborn child Hector loses his cool; blaming everyone but himself Hector finally finds Gloria’s breaking point as she removes her wedding rings and leaves. In a touching moment between the two jilted women Penny confides to Gloria that she needs money only for a check-up, to ensure the baby’s health.

The situation between Jackie (Kelli Williams) and Denise (Catherine Bell) is still chilly at best – due in large part to Frank’s (Terry Serpico) feeling that he is being punished by Kevin (Robert John Burke) for Africa – and it takes most of the episode for the two once inseparable friends to make up. Frank meanwhile is urged by Michael to apply for War College, in the hopes of becoming a General, or risk being released from the Army altogether due to cutbacks.

Noticeably absent, still, is Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) who is merely mentioned as being away on “White House business”.

As if things weren’t touchy enough this episode, for the residents of Fort Marshall the final few moments of the episode are devoted to the base’s centennial celebration. Amidst the drill teams, games, food and laughter of the celebration a deadly plot is underway by a lone gunman to shoot down General Holden.  As Michael gives his speech, with the viewer’s holding their breath, nothing happens.

Moments after Michael steps off the stage Jackie realizes something is amiss and shouts for Michael to get down. Frank jumps in front of the General and they both go down; it is unclear who took the hit.

So, what’s in store next week for the fine men and women of Fort Marshall? Frank and Michael are rushed to the hospital, Roxy and Trevor are finally able to take Drew home and Gloria leans on Jackie in her time of need.

“The War at Home” will air on Lifetime Sunday August 12. 

What was your favorite or least favorite part of this week’s episode? Share with us in the comments below…

Tune into Army Wives Sunday’s at 10 PM EDT on Lifetime.


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