To Bruce and Freddie: My Saving Graces

Photo Credit: Carolyn Riccardi

I don’t have dogs. I have furry children. Sure, they are technically dogs but they are truly so much more than that.

They are my heart. They are my protectors, my laughter and my comfort. When my husband is gone, when I am in a new house alone, when I need someone to make me feel safe, they are there. My boys.

I wanted to write about them, a tribute if you will, because without them I wouldn’t be as well adjusted or sane as I am! Never underestimate an animal’s impact on your life. Never forget that their value is in direct relation to what you give them first. Animals and especially dogs will never fail in their ability to make you feel at home no matter where this life takes you.

So here is my tribute to my boys, Bruce and Freddie, the loves of my life.

I grew up with dogs and always had at least one. When I graduated college and moved out on my own, that was the first time I didn’t have one and I hated it. So when hubs and I decided to move in together and I committed to the military life, I knew we had to have a puppy to complete the equation. So, we saw an ad in a local newspaper and went to check it out.

That was the day I found Bruce. My true angel on earth. He bit me in the chin and wouldn’t let me put him down, hubs didn’t even try to question it, and we just wrote a check and brought him home. It was meant to be, all three of us knew it.

Bruce made it feel like home again. When hubs had to go on duty and I was home alone, Bruce kept me company. When I struggled with my decision to give up my city life and fast track job to move to a small town and be with my soon to be husband, Bruce was there. When we got engaged and started the long difficult road of planning a wedding, Bruce kept me sane. He was my constant in probably the most turbulent time in my life.

As we settled into marriage and I into being a military wife, we realized it was time for a friend for Bruce and a new member to our little family. So again, in the local paper we saw an ad and went right away. This time hubs fell in love. Again, we wrote a check and took the little man home, Freddie, the baby and hubs best friend in the world.

Freddie is our little maniac. He loves us to death and destroyed everything in his path for his first two years but what he gave us more than made up for his antics. He and Bruce are brothers, they protect each other, they fight, they sleep together every night and one without the other just doesn’t happen. These two furry little monsters have given us more joy, frustration and love than we ever could’ve imagined.

When hubs got re-stationed time after time, when he deployed for months, my boys took care of me. They sleep at my feet when hubs is gone, they growl at noises outside and let every delivery guy know that no one messes with their mama. They are the greatest things on planet earth.

Any day now we are expecting our first baby, human one anyway, and I can’t wait to introduce her to her furry brothers. So thank you, Bruce and Freddie. Thank you for the most pure love and devotion.


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