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We’ve viewed their signs,

Then just put them out of our minds.

We’ve watched the news and observed

How they mock those that served.

We’ve read the articles about what they’ve said,

To dishonor and torment families of the dead.

Unfortunately we tune them out,

When they spew their chants and SHOUT,

We walk right past their gatherings,

Turn our heads and go on with other things.


We really must change our blinded ways,

That if we ignore them they’ll go away.

We have to unite, to protect those that mourn!

We must do all we can so the protestors feel our scorn.

Get motivated, write letters, make phone calls,

Talk to everyone, start petitions, pass some laws.

Block the roads, if we must hand in hand.

Let them know, this time we will stand.

From now on supporters are in control!

Memorial services will go on without them playing a role.


Stand united to salute our fallen hero.

Saying to them, “This is no longer your show!’

This is one battle we at home can fight,

To show our troops we support what’s right!

Our presence must be sincere and strong.

Because what their doing is evil and wrong.

We will be the extended family that stands ready

To allow the family to honor their loved one’s memory.

We are Americans, proud of our Land of Liberty,

They don’t want to mess with supporters of the military!


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